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Documentation on HUGE Table

The Huge table was built by merging five tables: the 4 chemoprevention tables (MAN+TUM+ACF+MIN) and the 2 promotion tables (PROM Acf + PROM Tum), to help agent search. Precise data must be looked for in the original tables. Only the agents with significant preventive effect were gathered from rats studies and included in TUM & ACF tables. And, from most articles testing several agent, only the most potent was kept. In contrast, ALL Human trials and Min mice studies were kept. Last, PROM tables (agents which promote ACF or tumors) are in construction, and contain few agents to date. Thus, the listing of Huge table agents is "biased": e.g., if you rank the Huge table according to potency, you will find mostly Min mice studies at the bottom of table

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