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TREATMENTCategoryPotency to Reduce
tumor incidence or
ACF No. or Min mice polyps
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see [TUM] table5ASA aminosalicylic 20mg/kgNSAI1.00Tumor incidenceBrown 00
see [ACF] table5ASA aminosalicylic ac. 20mg/kgNSAI1.65ACF numberBrown 00
see [Min] table5ASA balzalazide 250mg/kg ?NSAI 3.60Min mice polypsMacGregor 96
see [Min] table5ASA balzalazide 62-125mg/kg ?NSAI 2.10Min mice polypsMacGregor 96
see [Min] table5ASA or 4-ASA 500ppmNSAI 0.80Min mice polypsRitland 99
see [Min] tableacarbose /Apc1309 400ppmphyto1.10Min mice polypsQuesada 98
see [TUM] tableaceglatone 2%phyto1.52Tumor incidenceYoshimi 01
see [ACF] tableaceglatone 2%phyto2.36ACF numberYoshimi 01
see [TUM] tableacetoxychavicol 500ppmphyto3.53Tumor incidenceTanaka K. 97
see [TUM] tableacetoxychavicol acet. 100ppmphyto1.00Tumor incidenceOrita 04
see [ACF] tableacetoxychavicol acet. 100ppmphyto1.69ACF numberTanaka 97
see [ACF] tableadlay (Coix lachryma-jobi) 10%phyto1.65ACF numberShih 04
see [ACF] tableAIN93G diet vs AIN76Aother1.22ACF numberWoods 02
see [Min] tableALA alpha linolenic ac. 3.1%fat0.94Min mice polypsHansen-Pet. 00
see [TUM] tableallylcysteine 400ppm /micephyto2.38Tumor incidenceSumiyoshi 90
see [ACF] tableallylthiopyrazine 50mg/kgphyto1.57ACF numberKim 01
see [ACF] tablealmond 19%phyto1.72ACF numberDavis 01
see [ACF] tableAloe arboresc. leaf 5%phyto3.34ACF numberShimpo 01
see [TUM] tableamiloride 7.5ppmother2.03Tumor incidenceTatsuta 95
see [Min] tableaminoguanidine 0.15% in water/N1.50Min mice polypsAhn Ohshima 01
see [ACF] tableaminoguanidine iNOS inhib. 0.2%/N1.34ACF numberRao Indran. 02
see [TUM] tableanethole trithione 200ppmphyto1.86Tumor incidenceReddy Rao 93
see [PromTum] tableantraquinone -1-OH 1.5% //+dssirrit0.90Tumor incid. (prom)Onose 06
see [ACF] tableapigenin 0.1%phyto2.00ACF numberAu Li 06
see [TUM] tableapigenin 250ppm /micephyto2.26Tumor incidenceAu Li 06
see [ACF] tableapple juice (cloudy, as drink) phyto1.23ACF numberBarth 05
see [ACF] tableapple procyanidins 0.01% waterphyto2.02ACF numberGosse 05
see [Min] tablearachidonic acid 1%fat1.00Min mice polypsHansen-Pet. 02
see [ACF] tablearctiin 200ppm //PhIPphyto2.05ACF numberHirose 00
see [Min] tablearginine 0.2% drinking water/N2.53Min mice polypsZell Ignat. 06
see [ACF] tablearginine 0.5%/N2.13ACF numberWargovich 96
see [Min] tablearginine 2%/N0.88Min mice polypsYerushalmi 06
see [Min] tablearginine deficient diet No arginine diet/N1.50Min mice polypsAhn Ohshima 01
see [PromACF] tablearsenite 50 vs 0.5 æg/gother0.61ACF number (prom)Uthus 05
see [Man] tableAspirinNSAI0.87Human CR Cancer incid.Gann 93
see [Man] tableAspirinNSAI0.93Human CR Cancer incid.Sturmer 98
see [Man] tableAspirinNSAI1.03Human CR Cancer incid.Cook 05
see [Man] tableAspirinNSAI1.04Human Adenoma. rec.Baron 03
see [Man] tableAspirinNSAI1.16Human Adenoma. Incid.Gann 93
see [Man] tableAspirinNSAI1.18Human Adenoma. rec.Benamouzig 03
see [Man] tableAspirinNSAI1.23Human Adenoma. rec.Baron 03
see [Man] tableAspirinNSAI1.54Human Adenoma. rec.Sandler 03
see [Man] tableAspirinNSAI1.64Human Adenoma. rec.Benamouzig 03
see [Min] tableaspirin /Apc1638 300ppmNSAI1.09Min mice polypsWilliamson 99
see [TUM] tableaspirin +DFMO 55+55mg/kg !combi2.00Tumor incidenceRaul 07
see [ACF] tableaspirin 10ppmNSAI2.84ACF numberMereto 94
see [TUM] tableaspirin 10ppmNSAI2.94Tumor incidenceCraven 92
see [TUM] tableaspirin 1800 ppmNSAI1.37Tumor incidenceLi Schut 99
see [Min] tableaspirin 200ppmNSAI 0.90Min mice polypsSansom 01
see [ACF] tableaspirin 200ppmNSAI1.75ACF numberWargovich 95
see [Min] tableaspirin 25 mg/kgNSAI0.98Min mice polypsReuter 02
see [Min] tableaspirin 250-500ppmNSAI 2.10Min mice polypsBarnes 98
see [TUM] tableaspirin 300ppmNSAI1.50Tumor incidenceMolck 02
see [Min] tableaspirin 400ppmNSAI0.83Min mice polypsChiu 00
see [Min] tableaspirin 400ppmNSAI 1.40Min mice polypsSansom 01
see [TUM] tableaspirin 400ppmNSAI1.66Tumor incidenceReddy Rao 93
see [TUM] tableaspirin 500 ppmNSAI3.00Tumor incidenceBarnes 99
see [Min] tableaspirin 500mcg/dNSAI1.78Min mice polypsMahmoud 98
see [TUM] tableaspirin 60mg/kg/dNSAI4.00Tumor incidenceDavis 94
see [Min] tableaspirin prew.+curc.postw 500ppm+0.2%combi1.54Min mice polypsPerkins 03
see [Min] tableaspirin preweaning 500ppmNSAI1.27Min mice polypsPerkins 03
see [Min] tableatorvastatin + celecoxib 100+300ppmcombi7.13Min mice polypsSwamy 06
see [Min] tableatorvastatin 100ppm HMGR inhib.other1.51Min mice polypsSwamy 06
see [ACF] tableauraptene 250ppm /mice *BCAC*phyto3.10ACF numberHayashi 07
see [ACF] tableauraptene 250ppm /mice db-/-phyto2.63ACF numberHayashi 07
see [ACF] tableauraptene 500ppmphyto1.80ACF numberTanaka 98
see [TUM] tableauraptene 500ppmphyto1.98Tumor incidenceTanaka K. 98
see [ACF] tableauraptene 500ppmphyto2.28ACF numberTanaka 97
see [TUM] tableauraptene 500ppm //+dss /micephyto1.67Tumor incidenceKohno Suz 06
see [ACF] tableazadeoxycytidine 14mg/kg no-Seother3.70ACF numberDavis 02
see [ACF] tableBacillus polyfermenticus 3.10E8/dfibact2.01ACF numberPark Jeon 07
see [TUM] tablebacteria gut flora conv. vs.germ-freefibact1.27Tumor incidenceHorie 99
see [ACF] tablebalsalazide 250mg/kgNSAI2.83ACF numberMacGregor 00
see [TUM] tableBB protease inh. 0.1%/micephyto1.43Tumor incidenceBillings 90
see [TUM] tableBB protease inh. 0.5% /mice !phyto7.30Tumor incidenceWeed 85
see [TUM] tableBB protease inh. 0.5% /mice !phyto10.39Tumor incidenceStClair 90
see [TUM] tableBB protease inh. conc. 0.1%phyto4.00Tumor incidenceKennedy 02
see [TUM] tableBB protease inh. purif. 0.1% !phyto10.71Tumor incidenceKennedy 02
see [Min] tableBB protease inhibitor 0.1-0.5%phyto1.60Min mice polypsKennedy 96
see [TUM] tableB-carotene 0.2% phyto2.25Tumor incidenceImaida 90
see [PromACF] tableB-carotene 2000ppmphyto0.69ACF number (prom)Raju 05
see [ACF] tableB-carotene 200ppmphyto1.58ACF numberRaju 05
see [TUM] tableB-carotene 22 ppm vs 2 phyto1.98Tumor incidenceTemple 87
see [TUM] tableB-carotene 50ppmphyto1.39Tumor incidenceYamamot. 94
see [ACF] tableB-carotene 90ppmphyto1.85ACF numberShivapu. 95
see [ACF] tablebean (garbanzo) flour 10% /mice !phyto2.93ACF numberMurillo 04
see [TUM] tablebeans (Navy) 75% vs starch+cellphyto2.43Tumor incidenceHangen 02
see [TUM] tablebeans dry 59%phyto2.10Tumor incidenceHughes 97
see [ACF] tableBeef tallow 14% vs 14% soy oilfat1.58ACF numberKhil 04
see [TUM] tablebeer (Munich) 100% drinkphyto1.36Tumor incidenceNozawa 04
see [ACF] tablebeer (Munich) 100% drinkphyto2.17ACF numberNozawa 04
see [ACF] tablebeer freeze-dried 1%phyto2.15ACF numberNozawa 04
see [ACF] tablebeet fiber 10% //Gamma Ray !fibact2.74ACF numberNagai 00
see [ACF] tablebeet fiber in 20% lard dietfibact2.60ACF numberKristians. 95
see [PromACF] tablebenzyl isothiocyanate 0.1%phyto0.67ACF number (prom)Wargovich 96
see [TUM] tablebenzyl thiocyanate 400ppmphyto1.15Tumor incidenceSugie 94
see [ACF] tableB-escin 500ppmphyto2.00ACF numberPatlolla 06
see [Man] tableBeta-carotenephyto0.67Human Adenoma. rec.MacLennan 95
see [Man] tableBeta-carotenephyto0.99Human Adenoma. rec.Greenberg 94
see [Man] tableBeta-carotenephyto1.00All cancers /HumanHennekens 96
see [Man] tableBeta-carotenephyto1.02Human Adenoma. Incid.Malila 99
see [Min] tablebexarotene 800ppmvitAD0.80Min mice polypsMerkel 06
see [Min] tablebezafibrate /Apc1309 100-200ppmPpar1.24Min mice polypsNiho Takah. 03
see [ACF] tablebezafibrate 500ppmother1.57ACF numberTanaka 01
see [ACF] tableBif.animalis fermtd.milk 30% //IQfibact29.20ACF numberTavan 02
see [TUM] tableBifidobact. longum 0.5% //IQ !fibact14.00Tumor incidenceReddy Riv. 93
see [TUM] tableBifidobact. longum 1% /micefibact4.00Tumor incidenceOhno 00
see [TUM] tableBifidobact. longum 2%fibact1.44Tumor incidenceSingh 97
see [ACF] tableBifidobacter. + FOS 2%fibact1.43ACF numberGallaher 99
see [ACF] tableBifidobacter. + lactulose fibact1.93ACF numberChalla 97
see [ACF] tableBifidobacter. + Neosugar 5%fibact1.80ACF numberKoo 91
see [ACF] tableBifidobacter.1.7%+ inuline 5% fibact3.71ACF numberRowland 98
see [ACF] tableBifidobacterium 2E8/gfibact2.57ACF numberAbdelali 95
see [ACF] tableBifidobacterium longum 3%fibact1.34ACF numberSekine 97
see [ACF] tableBifidobacterium longum lyoph 3%fibact2.15ACF numberKulkarni 94
see [ACF] tablebilberry anthocyanin-rich extr. 0.4%phyto1.40ACF numberLala Malik 06
see [ACF] tableB-ionone 0.1% (carotenoid)phyto1.61ACF numberJanakiram 08
see [PromACF] tablebisacodyl 43mg/kgirrit1.29ACF number (prom)Borrelli 01
see [TUM] tablebitter melon seed oil 0.01% (CLA)fat0.95Tumor incidenceKohno 04
see [PromACF] tableblood sausage (boudin) 60%hem0.70ACF number (prom)Pierre 04
see [Min] tablebran oat 10%fibact0.80Min mice polypsMutanen 00
see [Min] tablebran oil (wheat )phyto1.61Min mice polypsSang Ju 06
see [Min] tablebran rice 30%fibact1.97Min mice polypsVerschoyle 07
see [TUM] tablebran rye 30% vs 9% SolkaFlokphyto4.36Tumor incidenceDavies 99
see [TUM] tablebran wheat combi4.17Tumor incidenceKritchevs. 97
see [TUM] tablebran wheat 10%fibact1.22Tumor incidenceWijnands 04
see [TUM] tablebran wheat 10%+wb.oil 2% fibact2.57Tumor incidenceReddy Hir. 00
see [TUM] tablebran wheat 12% vs oat bran fibact1.89Tumor incidenceZoran 97
see [TUM] tablebran wheat 15% vs 5%cell.fibact1.73Tumor incidenceWatanabe 79
see [TUM] tablebran wheat 15% vs.5%cell. //dmabfibact1.76Tumor incidenceReddy Mori 81
see [TUM] tablebran wheat 15% vs.5%cell. LowFatfibact1.24Tumor incidenceReddy Mor. 81
see [TUM] tablebran wheat 20% LoFatChowfibact1.28Tumor incidenceBarbolt 78
see [TUM] tablebran wheat 20% LoFatChowfibact1.50Tumor incidenceBarbolt 80
see [TUM] tablebran wheat 24% //MNNGfibact1.33Tumor incidenceSinkeldam 90
see [TUM] tablebran wheat microfib.20%micefibact1.00Tumor incidenceTakahashi 99
see [TUM] tablebran wheat vs resist.starchfibact1.57Tumor incidenceYoung 96
see [Min] tableBRL49,653 20mg/kg/dPpar0.80Min mice polypsLefebvre 98
see [ACF] tableBrussels sprouts juice 5% //IQphyto1.98ACF numberUhl 04
see [ACF] tableBrussels sprouts juice 5% //IQphyto2.06ACF numberKassie 03
see [TUM] tableB-sitosterol 0.2% //MNUfat1.64Tumor incidenceRaicht 80
see [TUM] tablebuckwheat protein 28% vs caseinphyto1.18Tumor incidenceLiu Z 01
see [TUM] tablebutylhydroxyanisol .6% /miceother4.79Tumor incidenceReddy Mae. 83
see [ACF] tablebutylhydroxyanisole 0.4%other1.68ACF numberLam 91
see [ACF] tablebutylhydroxyanisole 0.56%other3.50ACF numberWargovich 92
see [ACF] tablebutyltiophene 100ppmother1.60ACF numberWargovich 00
see [TUM] tablebutyrate enemas //tnbs+aomfibact1.00Tumor incidenceD'Argenio 96
see [ACF] tablebutyrate infusion 80mM 5x1ml/dfibact1.75ACF numberWong 05
see [TUM] tablebutyrate pellets 1.5%fibact0.88Tumor incidenceCaderni 01
see [ACF] tablebutyrate pellets 150mg/dfibact1.17ACF numberCaderni 98
see [ACF] tableButyrivibrio fibrisolvens 10E9x3/wkfibact2.55ACF numberOhkawara 05
see [ACF] tablecaffeate PEMC 500ppmphyto5.59ACF numberRao Des. 93
see [Min] tablecaffeic acid CAPE 0.15%phyto2.70Min mice polypsMahmoud 00
see [Min] tablecaffeine 440ppmphyto0.94Min mice polypsJu Hong 05
see [ACF] tableCAI imidazole 200ppm other2.37ACF numberWargovich 00
see [Man] tableCalciumminer1.18Human Adenoma. rec.Baron 99
see [Man] tableCalciumminer1.52Human Adenoma. rec.Bonithon 00
see [ACF] tablecalcium .5%+aspirin 200ppm/micecombi2.00ACF numberLiu-Ju 06
see [ACF] tablecalcium .75vs.25%+vit.D3 20ng/kgcombi2.52ACF numberMolck 02
see [TUM] tablecalcium //MNUminer1.44Tumor incidenceKenar 07
see [Man] tableCalcium +Mixcombi1.41Human Adenoma. rec.Hofstad 98
see [Man] tableCalcium +vit.D3combi0.93Human CR Cancer incid.Wactawski 06
see [PromACF] tablecalcium 0.32 vs 0.04% //MNU HFdietminer0.60ACF number (prom)Weisburger 94
see [PromACF] tablecalcium 0.32 vs 0.04% //MNU LFdietminer0.31ACF number (prom)Weisburger 94
see [TUM] tablecalcium 0.32% vs 0.04%miner2.13Tumor incidenceWargovich 90
see [ACF] tablecalcium 0.3g/d in whole breadminer1.67ACF numberWargovich 01
see [ACF] tablecalcium 0.5% vs 0.1%miner1.93ACF numberThiagaraj. 98
see [TUM] tablecalcium 0.5%vs.25 HF20%SOfolic-miner1.20Tumor incidenceRanhotra 99
see [ACF] tablecalcium 1% vs 0.5%miner1.44ACF numberLi Kram. 98
see [ACF] tablecalcium 1.5 vs 0.5% high-Fe dietminer2.12ACF numberLiu 01
see [TUM] tablecalcium 1.5% vs % lactate HFminer1.39Tumor incidenceBelbraouet 96
see [TUM] tablecalcium 2% cholic acid dietminer1.18Tumor incidencePence 95
see [TUM] tablecalcium 2% vs 0.5%miner1.82Tumor incidenceKarkare 91
see [TUM] tablecalcium 2% vs 0.8% (carbonate)miner1.65Tumor incidenceAdellCarc. 97
see [TUM] tablecalcium carbonate 1%vs.5% LFminer1.57Tumor incidencePence 96
see [ACF] tablecalcium carbonate 1.6% miner1.79ACF numberPereira 94
see [TUM] tablecalcium carbonate 2%vs.5 +cholicminer1.24Tumor incidencePence 95
see [TUM] tablecalcium lactacte 3g/l miner1.50Tumor incidenceVinasSall. 98
see [PromACF] tablecalcium low- 0.1% vs 0.5%miner0.53ACF number (prom)Thiagaraj. 98
see [TUM] tablecalcium low 0.1% vs 1%miner1.00Tumor incidenceBull-Bird 87
see [Min] tablecalcium, high (con.x2) 1% vs 0.5%miner0.84Min mice polypsHuerta 02
see [Min] tablecalcium, low (con./2) 0.25% vs 0.5%miner1.05Min mice polypsHuerta 02
see [PromTum] tablecaloric excess +30% other0.30Tumor incid. (prom)Kritchevs. 97
see [PromTum] tablecaloric excess +30% other0.58Tumor incid. (prom)Holt 96
see [PromTum] tablecaloric excess +30% other0.63Tumor incid. (prom)Kumar 90
see [Min] tablecaloric restr. -30% /Mlh1 -30%other0.93Min mice polypsTsao Dudley 02
see [TUM] tablecaloric restriction -30% other1.63Tumor incidenceKumar 90
see [TUM] tablecaloric restriction -30% other1.72Tumor incidenceHolt Mokuol. 96
see [TUM] tablecaloric restriction -30% other3.34Tumor incidenceKritchevs. 97
see [Min] tablecaloric restriction -40% other2.04Min mice polypsMai Colbert 03
see [ACF] tablecannabinoid.r.agon. HU210 0.1mg/kgother2.51ACF numberIzzo Aviel. 08
see [TUM] tablecanthaxanthin 500ppmphyto2.27Tumor incidenceTanaka K. 95
see [ACF] tablecanthaxantin 500ppmphyto1.50ACF numberTanaka 95
see [ACF] tablecapsanthin 0.2mg/dphyto1.78ACF numberNarisawa 00
see [PromACF] tablecarbenoxolone 0.1%other0.77ACF number (prom)Wargovich 00
see [PromACF] tablecarbenoxolone 0.1%other0.79ACF number (prom)Wargovich 00
see [TUM] tablecarbon fiber activated 1g/kgother1.73Tumor incidenceAnisimov 99
see [Min] tablecarnosol 0.1%phyto1.82Min mice polypsMoran 05
see [PromACF] tablecarrageenan 2.5% in waterirrit1.56ACF number (prom)Corpet 97
see [PromACF] tablecarrageenan 2.5%waterirrit1.56ACF number (prom)Tache 00
see [ACF] tablecarrots (falcarinol) 10% freez.drdphyto1.21ACF numberKobaek 05
see [PromTum] tablecasein 20% vs soy proteinprot0.24Tumor incid. (prom)Hakkak 01
see [PromTum] tablecasein 20% vs whey proteinprot0.53Tumor incid. (prom)Hakkak 01
see [PromACF] tablecatechin +/- 0.5%phyto0.67ACF number (prom)Wargovich 96
see [Min] tablecatechin(+) 0.1-1%phyto3.80Min mice polypsWeyant 01
see [TUM] tableCCK-B/gastrin antag. 15mg/kgother4.07Tumor incidenceFontana 02
see [Min] tableCD4+25+ lymphocytes 3x10E5cellsother2.20Min mice polypsErdman 05
see [Min] tableCD4+25+ lymphocytes 3x10E5cellsother4.27Min mice polypsErdman 05
see [Min] tableCD4+25+ lymphocytes 3x10E5cellsother10.48Min mice polypsErdman 05
see [Min] tableCD4+45RBhi lymphocytes 3x10E5other0.62Min mice polypsRao Pouta. 06
see [Min] tableCD4+45RBlo25+ lymphoc. 6x10E5other7.27Min mice polypsRao Pouta. 06
see [Min] tableCEA vaccine /minCea.Tg boost/mo.other1.82Min mice polypsZeytin 04
see [Min] tablecelecox+CeaVacc./minCea 0.1%combi18.24Min mice polypsZeytin 04
see [Min] tablecelecoxib /minCea.Tg 0.1%NSAI2.86Min mice polypsZeytin 04
see [TUM] tablecelecoxib 0.1%NSAI40.00Tumor incidenceReddy Pat. 05
see [ACF] tablecelecoxib 0.1% //dmabpNSAI28.21ACF numberFeng Neale 08
see [TUM] tablecelecoxib 0.1% /miceNSAI1.61Tumor incidenceToth-Coles 05
see [Min] tablecelecoxib 0.12% /F344 F rats apc1137-NSAI1.73Min mice polypsAmos-Land. 07
see [Min] tablecelecoxib 0.12% /F344 M rat apc1137-NSAI4.48Min mice polypsAmos-Land. 07
see [ACF] tablecelecoxib 0.15%NSAI1.50ACF numberYamada 01
see [ACF] tablecelecoxib 0.15%NSAI1.69ACF numberReddy 96
see [Min] tablecelecoxib 0.15%NSAI 1.80Min mice polypsJacoby Seib. 00
see [TUM] tablecelecoxib 0.15% NSAI4.47Tumor incidenceReddy Hir. 00
see [TUM] tablecelecoxib 0.15% NSAI15.35Tumor incidenceKawamori 98
see [ACF] tablecelecoxib 0.15% * BCACNSAI3.29ACF numberYamada 01
see [Min] tablecelecoxib 0.15% for >3monthsNSAI0.94Min mice polypsCarothers 06
see [Min] tablecelecoxib 0.15% for 3wksNSAI7.64Min mice polypsCarothers 06
see [TUM] tablecelecoxib 0.25mM/kg //+dss /mic.NSAI1.88Tumor incidenceLee-Kim 05
see [Min] tablecelecoxib 150-500ppmNSAI 1.40Min mice polypsJacoby Seib. 00
see [TUM] tablecelecoxib 250ppm+fish oil 10%combi20.00Tumor incidenceReddy Pat. 05
see [Min] tablecelecoxib 300ppmNSAI4.10Min mice polypsSwamy 06
see [Min] tablecelecoxib 500-0.15%NSAI 3.40Min mice polypsJacoby Seib. 00
see [Min] tablecelecoxib 500ppmNSAI2.64Min mice polypsZell Ignat. 06
see [ACF] tablecelecoxib+curcumin 0.16+0.6%combi2.62ACF numberShpitz 06
see [ACF] tablecelecoxib+SC51 500+100ppmNSAI1.42ACF numberRao Indran. 02
see [TUM] tablecellulose 20% vs 3%fibact2.76Tumor incidenceMadar-Weis. 96
see [TUM] tablecellulose 25% vs no fiberfibact2.25Tumor incidenceMadar 93
see [Min] tablecellulose 5-10% vs.0 in 20%fatfibact2.20Min mice polypsYu Whiteley 01
see [ACF] tableCentella asiatica extr. 100mg/kgphyto1.60ACF numberBunpo 04
see [ACF] tableceramide (monoglucosyl) 200ppmfat1.84ACF numberInamine 05
see [ACF] tableceramide 200ppm * BCAC *fat1.84ACF numberInamine 05
see [ACF] tableceramide-Bglucur. 0.1% /miceother1.56ACF numberSchmelz 99
see [Min] tablechafuroside (from ool. tea) 10ppmphyto1.77Min mice polypsNiho Mutoh 06
see [ACF] tablechafuroside (from ool.tea) 20ppmphyto1.45ACF numberNiho 06
see [Min] tablechenodeoxycholic ac. 0.5%other1.30Min mice polypsMahmoud 99
see [Min] tablecherries 20% freeze-driedphyto1.36Min mice polypsKang Seera. 03
see [Min] tablecherry cyanidin/anthocyan. 2-800ppmphyto0.90Min mice polypsKang 03
see [ACF] tablechlorogenic acid 250ppmphyto1.76ACF numberMorioka 04
see [ACF] tablechlorogenic acid 250ppm * BCACphyto1.76ACF numberMorioka 04
see [ACF] tablechlorophyll 0.1% phyto1.49ACF numberGuo 95
see [ACF] tablechlorophyllin 0.1% //PhIPphyto1.65ACF numberGuo 95
see [PromTum] tablechlorophyllin 1.5mM drinking waterphyto0.21Tumor incid. (prom)Nelson 92
see [PromTum] tablechlorophyllin 10ppmphyto0.97Tumor incid. (prom)Xu M 01
see [PromACF] tablecholic acid 0.2%bile2.23ACF number (prom)Magnuson 93
see [PromACF] tablecholic acid 0.5% bile1.15ACF number (prom)Femia 04
see [PromACF] tablecholic acid 0.5% * MDFbile0.58ACF number (prom)Femia 04
see [ACF] tablechrysin 100ppmphyto1.83ACF numberMiyamoto 06
see [Min] tableCitrobacter rodentium 10E8 cfu oncefibact1.00Min mice polypsNewman 01
see [TUM] tablecitrus pulp 15%fibact1.43Tumor incidenceReddy Mor. 81
see [ACF] tablecitrus unshiu 0.5% *BCAC*phyto2.83ACF numberSuzuki 06
see [ACF] tablecitrus unshiu 0.5% /mice db-/-phyto2.41ACF numberSuzuki 06
see [ACF] tablecitrus unshiu CUSM 0.5%phyto2.65ACF numberSuzuki 06
see [ACF] tableCLA 9t, 0.1%fat2.53ACF numberYasui 07
see [TUM] tableCLA conjug. linoleic acid 1%fat1.71Tumor incidencePark 01
see [ACF] tableCLA conjug.linoleic ac. 0.5% //IQfat3.91ACF numberLiew 95
see [Min] tableCLA conjug.linoleic ac. 3%fat0.75Min mice polypsHansen-Pet. 00
see [ACF] tableCLA from safflower oil 1% fat1.49ACF numberCheng 03
see [Min] tableCLA-mix or -t10c12 1%fat1.02Min mice polypsMandir 08
see [TUM] tableCLN (Punica granat. oil) 0.1%fat2.17Tumor incidenceKohno 04
see [ACF] tableCLN conjugated linolenic acid 1%fat2.70ACF numberKohno 02
see [ACF] tableClostridium perfr. cult 1E9/mlfibact1.46ACF numberArimochi 97
see [TUM] tablecolumbin 100ppmphyto4.00Tumor incidenceKohno 02
see [PromACF] tablecooked casein 12.5%prot1.58ACF number (prom)Corpet Cas95
see [PromACF] tablecooked casein 20%prot0.81ACF number (prom)Zhang 92
see [PromACF] tablecooked casein+fat 20+20%prot1.26ACF number (prom)Corpet 90
see [ACF] tablecooking salt 4.4%miner3.89ACF numberMasaoka 00
see [ACF] tablecopper 5 vs 0.8ægCu/g //DMABPminer2.05ACF numberDavis 99
see [Min] tablecopper 6vs1ppmother2.20Min mice polypsDavis 00
see [TUM] tablecopper 8ppm vs 0.2ppm !miner5.00Tumor incidencediSilvestro 92
see [ACF] tableCoptidis rhizoma extr 2%phyto1.88ACF numberFukutake 98
see [ACF] tablecork 5% //IQfibact1.52ACF numberFerguson 98
see [Min] tablecorn oil 10% vs 3%fat0.70Min mice polypsWasan 97
see [PromTum] tablecorn oil 15% vs fish oil 15% fat0.80Tumor incid. (prom)Chang 97
see [PromTum] tablecorn oil 18% vs fish oil 18% fat0.68Tumor incid. (prom)Reddy Su. 88
see [PromTum] tablecorn oil 23.5% vs fish oilfat0.36Tumor incid. (prom)Reddy M. 86
see [PromTum] tablecorn oil 23.5% vs olive oilfat0.28Tumor incid. (prom)Reddy M. 84
see [Min] tablecoumestrol /ovariectomiz. 100ppmother1.65Min mice polypsJavid 05
see [Man] tablecox CelecoxibNSAI1.39Human Polyp no.Steinbach 00
see [Man] tablecox CelecoxibNSAI1.49Human Adenoma. rec.Bertagnolli 06
see [Man] tablecox CelecoxibNSAI1.56Human Adenoma. rec.Arber 06
see [Man] tablecox CelecoxibNSAI1.82Human Adenoma. rec.Bertagnolli 06
see [Man] tablecox RofecoxibNSAI1.32Human Adenoma. rec.Baron 06
see [Min] tableCOX-2 inh.A-285969 40-80mg/kg/d ipNSAI2.48Min mice polypsWagenaar 03
see [ACF] tableCOX2 inhibitor NS-398 10ppmNSAI1.45ACF numberYoshimi 97
see [TUM] tableCP-31398 + celecox. 300+150ppmcombi4.55Tumor incidenceRao Swamy 06
see [ACF] tablecress (garden) 5%/water //IQ !phyto2.09ACF numberKassie 02
see [TUM] tablecryptoxanthin 25ppm //MNUphyto1.41Tumor incidenceNarisawa 99
see [ACF] tablecumin oil 0.2g/kgphyto1.35ACF numberSalim Fuku. 03
see [ACF] tablecurcuma extractphyto1.38ACF numberKirana 07
see [ACF] tablecurcumin 0.2%phyto2.32ACF numberRao Simi 93
see [Min] tablecurcumin 0.1%phyto2.80Min mice polypsMahmoud 00
see [Min] tablecurcumin 0.2%phyto1.10Min mice polypsCollett 01
see [ACF] tablecurcumin 0.2%phyto1.71ACF numberRao Kaw. 99
see [TUM] tablecurcumin 0.2%phyto1.72Tumor incidenceRao Rivens. 95
see [ACF] tablecurcumin 0.2%phyto1.97ACF numberRao Cooma 01
see [TUM] tablecurcumin 0.25mM/kg //+dss /micephyto1.94Tumor incidenceKim-Lee 06
see [TUM] tablecurcumin 0.6%phyto1.33Tumor incidenceKawamori 99
see [ACF] tablecurcumin 0.6%phyto2.21ACF numberKwon 02
see [ACF] tablecurcumin 0.6% inOldRatsphyto1.50ACF numberKwon 04
see [ACF] tablecurcumin 0.8% =40% MTDphyto2.07ACF numberVolate 05
see [TUM] tablecurcumin 1.6%phyto2.38Tumor incidencePereira 96
see [TUM] tablecurcumin 4% /micephyto1.58Tumor incidenceHuang 94
see [TUM] tablecurcumin BDMC-A 80mg/kg !phyto6.00Tumor incidenceDevasena 03
see [Min] tablecurcumin postweaning 0.002phyto1.63Min mice polypsPerkins 03
see [ACF] tablecurcumin tetraHydro 0.5%phyto1.36ACF numberKim Araki 98
see [Min] tablecyanidin-3-glucoside 0.3%phyto1.92Min mice polypsCooke 06
see [ACF] tableD609 150ppmNSAI2.23ACF numberWargovich 00
see [TUM] tableDEHA 0.6% /miceother1.53Tumor incidenceNyce 84
see [PromACF] tabledehydroepiandosterone 0.2%other0.70ACF number (prom)Wargovich 96
see [ACF] tabledehydroepiandrosterone 0.5%other1.88ACF numberPereira 91
see [PromACF] tabledeoxycholic acid 0.25% /AKR/J micebile0.18ACF number (prom)Flynn 07
see [PromACF] tabledeoxycholic acid 0.25% /AKR/J micebile0.18ACF number (prom)Flynn 05
see [PromACF] tabledeoxycholic acid 0.25% /AKR/J micebile0.40ACF number (prom)Flynn 05
see [PromTum] tabledeoxycholic acid 0.3% //+dssirrit0.90Tumor incid. (prom)Onose 06
see [PromACF] tabledeoxycholic acid 0.3% //dmh+dssirrit0.67ACF number (prom)Onose 06
see [Min] tableDFMO + celecoxib 0.5%+500ppmcombi8.32Min mice polypsZell Ignat. 06
see [Min] tableDFMO +piroxicam 1% +50ppm/N3.70Min mice polypsJacoby Cole 00
see [TUM] tableDFMO 0.1%+aspir. 0.06%combi5.34Tumor incidenceLi Schut 99
see [TUM] tableDFMO 0.2%/N4.52Tumor incidenceRao Toku. 91
see [TUM] tableDFMO 0.2%+pirox. 200ppm combi9.00Tumor incidenceRao Toku. 91
see [TUM] tableDFMO 0.3%/N52.14Tumor incidenceTao Kramer 02
see [ACF] tableDFMO 0.4%/N2.85ACF numberPaulsen 97
see [ACF] tableDFMO 0.4%/N3.45ACF numberWargovich 96
see [ACF] tableDFMO 0.4%/N3.50ACF numberWargovich 92
see [Min] tableDFMO 0.5%/N1.36Min mice polypsZell Ignat. 06
see [Min] tableDFMO 0.5% drinking water/N1.70Min mice polypsYerushalmi 06
see [Min] tableDFMO 0.5%+arginine vs. arginine 2%/N0.84Min mice polypsYerushalmi 06
see [Min] tableDFMO 1%/N1.80Min mice polypsJacoby Cole 00
see [Min] tableDFMO 2%/N2.20Min mice polypsErdman 99
see [Man] tableDFMO+sulindaccombi3.33Human Adenoma. rec.Meyskens 08
see [Min] tableDHA /Apc716 3% in femalefat3.20Min mice polypsOshima 95
see [Min] tableDHA /Apc716 3% in malefat0.70Min mice polypsOshima 95
see [TUM] tableDHA 0.4ml/d vs linoleic acidfat3.13Tumor incidenceToriyama 01
see [TUM] tableDHA 1ml/d //PhIPfat1.05Tumor incidenceTakahashi 97
see [Min] tableDHA docohexanenoic 3.1%fat1.42Min mice polypsHansen-Pet. 00
see [TUM] tablediabenol 0.1mg/ml water 5d/7other1.05Tumor incidencePopovich 05
see [ACF] tablediallyl sulfide 0.2%phyto2.33ACF numberWargovich 96
see [Min] tabledibenzoylmethane DBM 1% (licorice)phyto2.00Min mice polypsShen Khor 07
see [ACF] tablediclofenac 130ppmNSAI2.18ACF numberWargovich 00
see [ACF] tablediogesmin 0.1%phyto1.72ACF numberRaju 04
see [ACF] tablediosgenin 0.1%phyto1.72ACF numberRaju 04
see [TUM] tablediosgenin 0.1%phyto2.50Tumor incidenceMalisetty 05
see [ACF] tabledocosahexaenoic 0.5ml/dfat2.88ACF numberTakahashi 93
see [ACF] tabledocosahexaenoic 0.7ml/dfat1.61ACF numberTakahashi 97
see [ACF] tabledocosahexaenoic 0.7ml/d //PhiP fat2.75ACF numberTakahashi 97
see [ACF] tabledocosahexaenoic+EPA 0.3%fat1.56ACF numberPaulsen 98
see [PromACF] tableDSS 1% 1wkdss0.73ACF number (prom)Tanaka 01
see [PromACF] tableDSS 1.5% 2x1wkdss0.17ACF number (prom)Nishikawa 05
see [PromTum] tableDSS 2% drink for 7 daysdss0.10Tumor incid. (prom)Tanaka 03
see [PromTum] tableDSS 2% vs 0.2% drink for 7 daysdss0.10Tumor incid. (prom)Suzuki 05
see [Min] tableDSS 4% in waterother0.00Min mice polypsCooper 01
see [TUM] tableE-aminocaproic 1g/l /miceother2.29Tumor incidenceCorasanti 82
see [ACF] tableEGCG 0.5mg/ml //PhIPphyto3.65ACF numberCarter 07
see [Min] tableEGF epid.growth factor 223mcrg/Kg/dother1.15Min mice polypsBashir 03
see [ACF] tableEGF-recept.relat.prot. .5mg/miceother2.00ACF numberSchmelz 06
see [TUM] tableeicosapentaenoic 4.7%fat2.07Tumor incidenceMinoura 88
see [Min] tableEKB-569 +sulindac 150 +37.5ppmcombi25.00Min mice polypsTorrance 00
see [Min] tableEKB-569 150ppm/EGF7.70Min mice polypsTorrance 00
see [Min] tableEKI-785 +sulindac 300 +150ppmcombi19.20Min mice polypsTorrance 00
see [Min] tableEKI-785 300ppm/EGF1.80Min mice polypsTorrance 00
see [Min] tableellagic acid 0.16%phyto1.53Min mice polypsPaivarinta 06
see [TUM] tableEP1 mutation KO prostagl.rec./mic.other1.86Tumor incidenceKawamori 05
see [Min] tableEPA eicopentaenoid a. 3.1%fat1.89Min mice polypsHansen-Pet. 00
see [Min] tableepigallocatechin gallate(-) .32%waterphyto1.81Min mice polypsJu-Bose 04
see [Min] tableepigallocatechin-3-gallate 0.16-0.32%phyto1.70Min mice polypsJu Hong 05
see [Min] tableestradiol /ovariectomized 21æg/dother1.66Min mice polypsJavid 05
see [TUM] tableestrone other1.70Tumor incidenceGuo Brown. 04
see [TUM] tableestrone 0.63mg/d Soy diet /miceother2.54Tumor incidenceGuo Brown. 04
see [TUM] tableetanercept 3mg/kg TNFinhib.//+dssother1.00Tumor incidencePopivanova 08
see [Min] tableethanol 17.5% in waterother0.80Min mice polypsRoy Gulizia 02
see [PromACF] tableethanol 5% in liquid dietother0.14ACF number (prom)Hayashi 07
see [ACF] tableethoxyquin 0.16%other1.92ACF numberPatlolla6 06
see [TUM] tableetodolac 10 mg/kg //dss /miceNSAI1.21Tumor incidenceMukawa 08
see [ACF] tableetoricoxib 0.6mg/kg/d * MPL *NSAI12.33ACF numberKanwar 07
see [PromACF] tableexercise (swim to exhaustion)other0.34ACF number (prom)Demarzo 04
see [Min] tableexercise (treadmill) 0.9km/45min/dother1.10Min mice polypsColbert 03
see [Min] tableexercise (treadmill) 1.1km/1h/d malesother1.41Min mice polypsMehl 05
see [Min] tableexercise (volunt.wheel run.) 3.8km/dother1.37Min mice polypsColbert 06
see [Min] tableexercise (wheel) 4.7km/d malesother0.90Min mice polypsMehl 05
see [Min] tableexercise 1.2 km/1h/dother1.10Min mice polypsColbert 00
see [PromTum] tablefasted-refed (4d fast - 1d refed)other0.30Tumor incid. (prom)Caderni 99
see [PromACF] tablefasted-refed (4d fast - 1d refed)other0.38ACF number (prom)Caderni 99
see [PromACF] tablefasted-refed 5x(4d fast - 7d refed)other0.89ACF number (prom)Caderni 02
see [Min] tablefat high- LowFiber fat:cell. 22:0 vs.7:5%fat1.00Min mice polypsMutanen 00
see [Min] tablefat high-corn oil 15% vs 5%fat0.89Min mice polypsMai Colbert 03
see [ACF] tablefat low- 5% vs 20% corn oilfat2.14ACF numberLiu 01
see [ACF] tablefat low- 5% vs 20% lipid mixfat1.68ACF numberRao Hirose 01
see [ACF] tablefat low- 7% vs 22%fat1.22ACF numberMoroto. 97
see [PromACF] tablefecapentaene12 114ng/dirrit0.74ACF number (prom)Zarkovic 93
see [TUM] tableferulic acid 250ppmphyto1.86Tumor incidenceKawabata 00
see [ACF] tableferulic acid 500ppmphyto1.44ACF numberKawabata 00
see [Min] tablefiber high- chow fibr:fat 18:6 vs.0:20%fibact1.00Min mice polypsYu Whiteley 01
see [TUM] tablefish oil 23.5% vs corn oilfat2.75Tumor incidenceReddy Mar. 86
see [TUM] tablefish oil //MNUfat1.63Tumor incidenceKenar 07
see [TUM] tablefish oil +CLA 9+1% vs beef tallowfat3.00Tumor incidenceKim Park 03
see [TUM] tablefish oil 10% !fat3.00Tumor incidenceFujise 07
see [TUM] tablefish oil 10% vs mixed lipidsfat3.33Tumor incidenceReddy Pat. 05
see [TUM] tablefish oil 15% vs corn oil 15% fat1.25Tumor incidenceChang 97
see [TUM] tablefish oil 16% vs soy 4% /micefat1.64Tumor incidenceLindner 91
see [ACF] tablefish oil 17% vs 20% lipid mixfat1.96ACF numberRao Hirose 01
see [TUM] tablefish oil 17% vs lipid mix.fat1.45Tumor incidenceRao Hirose 01
see [TUM] tablefish oil 18% vs corn oilfat1.47Tumor incidenceReddy Sug. 88
see [ACF] tablefish oil 20% vs corn oil fat1.54ACF numberDommels 03
see [ACF] tablefish oil 8% vs corn oilfat2.00ACF numberLatham 99
see [Min] tablefish oil K85 0.4% in malefat3.00Min mice polypsPaulsen 97
see [Min] tablefish oil K85 0.4-1.2-2.5% femalefat1.80Min mice polypsPaulsen 97
see [Min] tablefish oil K85 1.25-2.5% in malefat1.40Min mice polypsPaulsen 97
see [PromACF] tablefish oil vs corn oil 7% /IL10 KO micefat0.44ACF number (prom)Hegazi 06
see [ACF] tablefish oil+cell.10+10% vs sunfl.+RSfat1.67ACF numberColeman 02
see [TUM] tableflavonoid morin 500ppmphyto1.50Tumor incidenceTanaka K. 99
see [ACF] tableflaxseed 5%phyto1.20ACF numberJenab 96
see [Min] tableflaxseed +rapeseed oil 9%fat1.28Min mice polypsOikarinen 05
see [Min] tableflaxseed 0.5%phyto1.12Min mice polypsOikarinen 05
see [TUM] tableflaxseed 15%phyto2.83Tumor incidenceBommareddy 06
see [Min] tableflaxseed 5%phyto0.53Min mice polypsVanKranen 03
see [Min] tableflaxseed 5%phyto1.07Min mice polypsVanKranen 03
see [Min] tableflaxseed mix (59%fat) 15%phyto1.45Min mice polypsOikarinen 05
see [TUM] tableflaxseed oil 15% vs corn oilfat1.85Tumor incidenceNatarajan 04
see [TUM] tableflaxseed oil 15% vs corn oilfat1.88Tumor incidenceDwivedi 05
see [TUM] tableflaxseed vs corn meal 15%phyto2.81Tumor incidenceReddy-Aras. 05
see [Min] tablefolate /MinMsh2-- 8ppmvitB0.20Min mice polypsSong Sohn 00
see [Min] tablefolate /MinMsh2-- 8ppmvitB2.70Min mice polypsSong Sohn 00
see [Min] tablefolate +choline 2ppm +3% vs 0+1.4%combi0.90Min mice polypsSibani 02
see [Min] tablefolate 2-8-20ppmvitB0.80Min mice polypsSong Medline 00
see [ACF] tablefolate 2mg/kg vs 0 in Se+ dietphyto1.58ACF numberDavies 03
see [ACF] tablefolate 2ppm vs no folate dietvitB1.57ACF numberGeter 05
see [Min] tablefolate 8-20ppmvitB1.30Min mice polypsSong Medline 00
see [PromTum] tablefolate 8mg/kg vs depleted dietvitB0.81Tumor incid. (prom)LeLeu 00
see [TUM] tablefolate 8ppm !vitB7.00Tumor incidenceKim Salom. 96
see [TUM] tablefolate deficency vs 8mg/kgvitB1.23Tumor incidenceLeLeu 00
see [ACF] tablefolate deficiency vs 0.8%other1.38ACF numberLeLeu 00
see [ACF] tablefolate deficiency vs 2ppmvitB1.94ACF numberGeter 05
see [Man] tableFolic +B6+B12vit0.74Human CR Cancer incid.Lonn 06
see [Man] tableFolic acidvit0.96Human Adenoma. rec.Cole 07
see [Min] tablefolic acid defic.0.3 vs.2ppm /min Mthfr+/ñvitB0.67Min mice polypsLawrance 07
see [Min] tablefolic acid defic.0.3 vs.2ppm /min Rcf1+/-vitB0.70Min mice polypsLawrance 07
see [Min] tablefolic acid defic.0.3 vs.2ppm /min Rcf1+/+vitB1.08Min mice polypsLawrance 07
see [Min] tablefood restriction 20% restrictionother1.10Min mice polypsKakuni 02
see [ACF] tableFOS 6% + celecoxib .15%combi2.59ACF numberBuecher 03
see [ACF] tableFOS fructooligosac. 9%fibact5.11ACF numberSung 08
see [TUM] tableFOS raftilose 15% vs. cornstarchfibact2.20Tumor incidenceJacobsen 06
see [Min] tableFP15 (rid peroxynitrite) 1-3mg/kg/d/N1.44Min mice polypsMabley 04
see [Min] tablefructo-oligosacch. 5.8% inT-cell depletdfibact0.50Min mice polypsPierre 99
see [Min] tablefructo-oligosaccharide 5.8%fibact1.10Min mice polypsPierre 97
see [Man] tableFruits & veg.phyto0.93Human CR Cancer incid.Beresford 06
see [Man] tableFruits & veg.phyto1.00Human Adenoma. rec.Schatzkin 00
see [TUM] tablegalacto-oligosaccharide 20%fibact1.21Tumor incidenceWijnands 01
see [ACF] tablegalacto-oligosaccharides 20%fibact1.12ACF numberWijnands 01
see [ACF] tableGanoderma lucid. extr. 5%phyto1.45ACF numberLu 02
see [ACF] tablegarcinol 500ppmphyto1.67ACF numberTanaka 00
see [TUM] tablegarlic aged extr. AGE 4%phyto1.17Tumor incidenceKatsuki 06
see [ACF] tablegarlic, aged extract AGE 4%phyto1.94ACF numberKatsuki 06
see [ACF] tablegarlic+tomato paste 20+20mg/d ?phyto3.52ACF numberSengupta 04
see [PromACF] tablegastrin-KO lean vs wild miceinsul0.38ACF number (prom)Cowey 05
see [PromACF] tablegastrin-KO obese vs KO lean miceinsul0.64ACF number (prom)Cowey 05
see [TUM] tablegefitinib EGFR inhib. 10m/kgother3.38Tumor incidenceDougherty 08
see [Min] tablegenistein /ovariectomized 0.001other1.09Min mice polypsJavid 05
see [ACF] tablegenistein 150ppmphyto1.52ACF numberSteele P. 95
see [ACF] tablegenistein 150ppmphyto1.52ACF numberPereira 94
see [ACF] tablegenistein 150ppmphyto1.73ACF numberThiagaraj. 98
see [ACF] tablegeranyl EGMP 0,2%other1.71ACF numberHan 01
see [ACF] tablegeranyl EGMP 0.2%other1.58ACF numberTsuda 99
see [Min] tablegerm-free status germ-freeother1.20Min mice polypsDove Clipson 97
see [TUM] tablegermfree vs normal florafibact4.48Tumor incidenceReddy Nar. 75
see [ACF] tableGinkgo biloba extract 500ppmphyto1.89ACF numberSuzuki 04
see [ACF] tableginseng red 1%phyto2.70ACF numberLi Wanib. 00
see [Min] tableGLA gama linolenic ac. 3.1%fat0.73Min mice polypsHansen-Pet. 00
see [TUM] tableglucarate calcium 0.1mol/kg !phyto5.00Tumor incidenceDwivedi 89
see [ACF] tableglucarate calcium 5% phyto1.69ACF numberPereira 94
see [ACF] tableglucarate calcium 5% phyto2.09ACF numberWargovich 00
see [TUM] tableglucarate KHd- 0.14mol/kgphyto2.31Tumor incidenceYoshimi 00
see [TUM] tablegluconate Na 5%fibact2.67Tumor incidenceKameue 04
see [ACF] tableglucose vs sucrose bolus /miceother3.00ACF numberStamp 93
see [Min] tableglucosylceramide from soy 0.1%fat1.60Min mice polypsSymolon 02
see [ACF] tableglucosylceramide soy 0.1% /micefat2.05ACF numberSymolon 04
see [ACF] tableglycyrrhetinic acid 0.5%phyto2.70ACF numberWargovich 96
see [Min] tablegreen tea 0.6% drink /Min+AOMphyto1.24Min mice polypsIssa Volate 07
see [Min] tableguanidinoethyldisulfide 10-30mg/kg/d/N2.21Min mice polypsMabley 04
see [Min] tableguar gum 5-10% vs0 in 20%fatfibact1.70Min mice polypsYu Whiteley 01
see [Min] tableGW501516 PparDelta 10mg/kgPpar0.53Min mice polypsGupta RA 04
see [PromACF] tablehemin 1.5 micromol/ghem0.76ACF number (prom)Pierre 03
see [PromACF] tablehemoglobin 0.36micromol/ghem0.77ACF number (prom)Pierre 03
see [PromACF] tablehemoglobin 5%hem0.72ACF number (prom)Bruce 93
see [ACF] tableherbal SKTK mix extr. 0.5%phyto3.13ACF numberYoo BH 01
see [TUM] tablehesperidin 0.1%phyto4.71Tumor incidenceTanaka M. 97
see [ACF] tablehesperidin 0.1%phyto2.62ACF numberTanaka 97
see [TUM] tablehesperidin 7mg/d mandarin phyto1.97Tumor incidenceTanaka K. 00
see [PromTum] tablehigh calcium 1% vs 0.1% ?miner1.00Tumor incid. (prom)Bull 87
see [PromTum] tablehigh fat 18% lard vs 5 //MNG fat0.55Tumor incid. (prom)Sinkeldam 90
see [PromTum] tablehigh fat 20% corn oil vs 5%fat0.58Tumor incid. (prom)Holt 96
see [PromTum] tablehigh fat 20% lipid mix vs 5%fat0.63Tumor incid. (prom)Rao Hirose 01
see [PromTum] tablehigh fat 20%BT vs 5% //DMBAfat0.13Tumor incid. (prom)Mori 01
see [TUM] tableHigh Fat 24% Crisco vs 5%fat1.40Tumor incidenceNauss 83
see [PromTum] tablehigh risk diet vs low riskcombi0.30Tumor incid. (prom)Rao Goett. 88
see [PromACF] tablehigh-fat 20% vs 5% lipid mixfat0.60ACF number (prom)Rao Hirose01
see [PromACF] tablehigh-fat 22% vs 7% 15BTfat0.82ACF number (prom)Morotomi 97
see [PromACF] tablehigh-fat 37% vs 5% 32BTfat0.92ACF number (prom)Koohesta. 97
see [PromACF] tablehigh-fat cafeteria (pate, bacon, choc.)fat0.11ACF number (prom)Delage 05
see [PromACF] tablehigh-fat corn oil 23% vs 5%fat1.05ACF number (prom)Femia 05
see [PromACF] tablehigh-fat corn oil 23% vs 5% * MDF *fat0.72ACF number (prom)Femia 05
see [PromACF] tablehigh-fat corn oil 23.5% vs.5%fat0.46ACF number (prom)Kohno 00
see [PromACF] tablehigh-fat fish oil 23.5% vs.5%fat0.49ACF number (prom)Kohno 00
see [Min] tablehigh-fat low-Ca 21-0.1vs.11-0.6% /Mlh1 fat0.58Min mice polypsTsao Dudley 02
see [PromACF] tablehigh-fat safflower oil 25% vs.5%fat0.64ACF number (prom)Delage 04
see [PromACF] tablehigh-fat vs lowF /calor.restr-20%fat1.06ACF number (prom)Lasko 95
see [ACF] tablehop extr. (isomerized) 500ppmphyto1.67ACF numberNozawa 05
see [TUM] tablehydroquinone HTHQ 0.5% //PhIPother0.95Tumor incidenceHirose 99
see [TUM] tableibuprofen 400 ppmNSAI1.83Tumor incidenceReddy Tok. 92
see [ACF] tableibuprofen 400ppmNSAI2.04ACF numberWargovich 96
see [Min] tableICG-001 B-catenin inhib. 257mg/kg/dother1.71Min mice polypsEmami 04
see [ACF] tableindole3carbinol 0.1% //IQphyto2.46ACF numberXu 96
see [TUM] tableindole3carbinol 0.1% //IQ !!phyto3.64Tumor incidenceXu Orner 01
see [ACF] tableindole3carbinol 0.1% //PhIP !phyto11.00ACF numberGuo 95
see [ACF] tableindole3carbinol 0.2%phyto1.68ACF numberStoner 02
see [ACF] tableindole-3-carbinol 1.4mm * MDF *phyto2.20ACF numberPlate 06
see [ACF] tableindole-3-carbinol 1.4mmol/kgphyto1.76ACF numberPlate 06
see [ACF] tableindole3carbinol 100ppmphyto2.28ACF numberKim DH 03
see [PromTum] tableIndole-3-carbinol 500ppmphyto0.91Tumor incid. (prom)Suzui 05
see [Min] tableindomethacin /Apc1309 10ppmNSAI1.14Min mice polypsKitamura 04
see [Min] tableindomethacin 10ppmNSAI4.04Min mice polypsNiho Mutoh 07
see [ACF] tableindomethacin 16ppmNSAI1.42ACF numberMorioka 05
see [ACF] tableindomethacin 16ppm * BCAC *NSAI2.97ACF numberMorioka 05
see [ACF] tableindomethacin 16ppm * BCAC *NSAI2.97ACF numberYoshimi 04
see [ACF] tableindomethacin 16ppm * MDF *NSAI2.60ACF numberMorioka 05
see [ACF] tableindomethacin 16ppm * MDF *NSAI2.60ACF numberYoshimi 04
see [ACF] tableindomethacin 16ppm in waterNSAI1.42ACF numberYoshimi 04
see [TUM] tableindomethacin 2mg/kgNSAI1.43Tumor incidenceBrown 01
see [ACF] tableindomethacin 2mg/kgNSAI1.77ACF numberCharal. 96
see [TUM] tableindomethacin i.r. 7.5mg/kg NSAI1.74Tumor incidenceKudo 80
see [Min] tableiNOS inhib. ono1714 50ppm /Min+dss/N1.48Min mice polypsKohno 07
see [TUM] tableinositol + IP6phyto2.52Tumor incidenceVucenik 03
see [PromACF] tableinsulin injections 20 U/kg/d x72dinsul1.00ACF number (prom)Corpet 97
see [ACF] tableinulin 10%fibact1.54ACF numberReddy 97
see [Min] tableinulin 10%fibact0.80Min mice polypsPajari 02
see [Min] tableinulin 10%fibact1.47Min mice polypsKettunen 03
see [TUM] tableinulin 10%fibact1.78Tumor incidenceVerghese 02
see [ACF] tableinulin 10%fibact1.78ACF numberBuddington 02
see [ACF] tableinulin 10%fibact2.56ACF numberVerghese 02
see [Min] tableinulin 2.5%fibact0.70Min mice polypsMutanen 00
see [ACF] tableinulin 5%fibact1.92ACF numberBolognani 01
see [ACF] tableinulin HP 7% + FOS 3%fibact3.19ACF numberVerghese 05
see [TUM] tableinulin raftinile 15% vs. cornstarchfibact1.69Tumor incidenceJacobsen 06
see [Min] tableIQ /Apc716 300ppmHAA1.20Min mice polypsOshima 96
see [PromTum] tableIQ 300ppm in diet for 27wkHAA0.42Tumor incid. (prom)Kitamura 06
see [TUM] tableisoliquiritigenin 100ppm /micephyto1.50Tumor incidenceBaba 02
see [ACF] tableisoliquiritigenin 15ppm /micephyto1.59ACF numberBaba 02
see [TUM] tableisoliquiritigenin 300ppm /micephyto1.00Tumor incidenceChin Jung 07
see [ACF] tableisoloquiritigenin (from licorice)phyto1.58ACF numberTakahashi 04
see [TUM] tableJTE-522 COX2-inhib. 150ppmNSAI1.47Tumor incidenceWei 05
see [ACF] tableJTE-522 COX2-inhib. 7mg/kgNSAI1.44ACF numberWei 03
see [Min] tableJTE-523 100ppmNSAI 1.50Min mice polypsSasai 00
see [ACF] tableketyoprofen 200ppmNSAI2.24ACF numberWargovich 00
see [TUM] tableKurozu rice vinegar extr. 0.1% drinkphyto2.43Tumor incidenceShimoji 04
see [TUM] tableKYN-54 200ppmvitAD2.57Tumor incidenceKawamori 95
see [TUM] tableLactobac. acidoph. 1E10fibact1.93Tumor incidenceGoldin 80
see [TUM] tableLactobac. acidophil. vs.germ-freefibact2.46Tumor incidenceHorie 99
see [TUM] tableLactobac. acidophilus 1%fibact2.67Tumor incidenceMcIntosh 99
see [TUM] tableLactobac. bulg. milk2.5g/dfibact1.36Tumor incidenceBalanski 99
see [ACF] tableLactobac. casei 2.10E10/dfibact1.28ACF numberYamazaki 00
see [TUM] tableLactobac. rhamnos. GG 2E10fibact1.41Tumor incidenceGoldin 96
see [TUM] tableLactobac. salivarius 10E9/d /mice !fibact5.00Tumor incidenceO'Mahony 01
see [TUM] tableLactobac.mix.EtOH extr. 2% /micefibact1.30Tumor incidenceFukui 01
see [PromACF] tableLactobacillus casei 2.5 10E6fibact0.57ACF number (prom)Bolognani 01
see [Man] tableLactobacilus caseifibact1.18Human Adenoma. rec.Ishikawa 05
see [TUM] tablelactoferrin (bovine) 2%other1.56Tumor incidenceFujita 04
see [ACF] tablelactoferrin (bovine) 2%other1.61ACF numberFujita 04
see [ACF] tablelactoferrin (bovine) 2%other1.87ACF numberSekine 97
see [ACF] tablelactoferrin Bacteroides uniformis fibact1.51ACF numberChewonarin 01
see [TUM] tablelactoferrin bovin 2%other1.48Tumor incidenceSekine 97
see [Min] tablelactoferrin bovine 0.2% or 2%other1.20Min mice polypsUshida 98
see [ACF] tablelactosylCeramide 250ppm/miceother2.50ACF numberSchmelz 00
see [Man] tableLactulosefibact2.44Human Adenoma. rec.Roncucci 93
see [ACF] tablelean Fa/Fa vs obese fa/fa Zuckerother1.23ACF numberRaju 03
see [ACF] tablelemon grass extract 5g/kgphyto1.74ACF numberSuaeyun 97
see [ACF] tableleptin 1mg/kg/dother1.30ACF numberAparicio 04
see [Min] tableleptin 800æg/kgother1.07Min mice polypsAparicio 05
see [Min] tablelignan HMR 200ppm /inulin dietphyto1.40Min mice polypsOikarinen 00
see [ACF] tablelimonene 0.5% in waterphyto1.47ACF numberKawamori 96
see [ACF] tablelimonin 200ppm (grapefruit)phyto1.71ACF numberVanamala 06
see [PromTum] tablelinoleic acid 5% vs stearic 5%fat0.76Tumor incid. (prom)Sakaguchi 84
see [Min] tablelipitor HMGR +celecox 100+300ppmcombi7.14Min mice polypsSwamy 04
see [Min] tablelithium 0.24%miner0.76Min mice polypsGould 03
see [TUM] tablelovastatin + celecox. 200+300ppmcombi5.56Tumor incidenceSwamy 06
see [ACF] tablelovastatin 50+ sulindac 80ppmcombi1.39ACF numberAgarwal 99
see [PromTum] tablelow calcium 0.04% vs 0.32miner0.47Tumor incid. (prom)Wargovich 90
see [PromTum] tablelow calcium 0.5% vs 2miner0.55Tumor incid. (prom)Karkare 91
see [PromTum] tablelow copper 0.2ppm vs 8ppm !miner0.20Tumor incid. (prom)diSilvestro 92
see [Man] tableLow fat fat0.83Human Adenoma. rec.McKeown 94
see [Man] tableLow fat fat0.93Human CR Cancer incid.Beresford 06
see [Man] tableLow fat fat1.00Human Adenoma. rec.Schatzkin 00
see [Man] tableLow fat fat1.11Human Adenoma. rec.MacLennan 95
see [TUM] tableLow Fat 5% vs 18%lard //MNG fat1.83Tumor incidenceSinkeldam 90
see [TUM] tableLow Fat 5% vs 20% corn oilfat1.72Tumor incidenceHolt Mokuol. 96
see [TUM] tableLow Fat 5% vs 20% lipid mix.fat1.59Tumor incidenceRao Hirose 01
see [TUM] tableLow Fat 5% vs 20%BT //DMBAfat8.00Tumor incidenceMori Imaid. 01
see [PromTum] tablelow fat 5% vs 24% Crisco ?fat0.72Tumor incid. (prom)Nauss 83
see [TUM] tableLow Fat 5% vs. 20% beef fatfat2.57Tumor incidenceReddy Wa. 77
see [TUM] tableLow Fat 5% vs. 20% beef fatfat3.14Tumor incidenceReddy Wa. 77
see [PromTum] tablelow fiber 0% cellulose vs 25fibact0.44Tumor incid. (prom)Madar 93
see [PromTum] tablelow fiber 0% vs pectin 10%fibact0.73Tumor incid. (prom)Heitman 92
see [PromTum] tablelow fiber 3% cellulose vs 20fibact0.36Tumor incid. (prom)Madar 96
see [PromTum] tablelow fiber 5% cell vs wheat bran 15fibact0.58Tumor incid. (prom)Watanabe 79
see [PromTum] tablelow fiber 5% cell. vs psyllium 15fibact0.36Tumor incid. (prom)Wilpart 87
see [PromTum] tablelow fiber vs wheat bran 24% //MNNGfibact0.75Tumor incid. (prom)Sinkeldam 90
see [TUM] tableLow Risk vs high risk dietother3.36Tumor incidenceRao Goett. 88
see [PromTum] tablelow veget. & fruits 0% vs 20 //MNNGphyto0.68Tumor incid. (prom)Rijnkels 97
see [PromTum] tablelow vit. B6 1ppm vs 7 ppmvitB0.38Tumor incid. (prom)Komatsu 01
see [ACF] tablelupulone 50ppmphyto1.83ACF numberLamy 07
see [ACF] tablelutein 0.12mg/d //MNUphyto1.72ACF numberNarisawa 96
see [PromACF] tablelutein 2000ppmphyto0.63ACF number (prom)Raju 05
see [ACF] tablelutein 500ppmphyto1.47ACF numberKim 98
see [ACF] tablelycopene 0.12 mg/d //MNUphyto2.02ACF numberNarisawa 96
see [ACF] tablelycopene 10ppmphyto1.07ACF numberJain-Agarw. 99
see [TUM] tablelycopene 400ppm 14%fat dietphyto2.86Tumor incidenceMartinezF. 04
see [ACF] tablelycopene 75ppm phyto2.16ACF numberWargovich 00
see [TUM] tablemaltitol 5%fibact1.58Tumor incidenceTsukamur. 98
see [TUM] tablemangiferin 200ppmphyto1.77Tumor incidenceYoshimi 01
see [ACF] tablemangiferin 0,1%phyto1.68ACF numberYoshimi 01
see [Min] tablematairesinol (lignan) 200ppmphyto0.76Min mice polypsPajari 06
see [PromTum] tablemeat 60% beef vs 25%prot0.63Tumor incid. (prom)Reddy Na. 76
see [Min] tablemeat beef 27% low-fat driedother1.52Min mice polypsKettunen 03
see [Min] tablemeat beef 24%other0.70Min mice polypsMutanen 00
see [PromACF] tablemeat beef- 60%hem0.72ACF number (prom)Pierre 04
see [Min] tablemeat beef low-fat 27% /femaleother1.94Min mice polypsKettunen 03
see [TUM] tablemeat beef vs.milk prot. /miceother4.25Tumor incidenceNutter 83
see [TUM] tablemeat low 25% vs 60%other1.60Tumor incidenceReddy Nar. 76
see [PromTum] tablemeat protein 21% vs.whey prot.other0.55Tumor incid. (prom)McIntosh 95
see [PromACF] tablemeclofenamate Na 40mg/kgother0.75ACF number (prom)Wargovich 00
see [Min] tableMeIQx /Apc716 400ppmHAA1.20Min mice polypsOshima 96
see [TUM] tablemelatonin 20mg/l waterother1.50Tumor incidenceAnisimov 97
see [TUM] tablemenadione 9mg/kg/d /miceother2.25Tumor incidenceBi-Geng 93
see [Min] tablemethionine 0.7%other1.00Min mice polypsPaulsen 01
see [PromACF] tablemethionine L- 1%prot0.57ACF number (prom)Duranton 99
see [ACF] tablemethionine restr. 0.17% vs.0.86%other2.38ACF numberKomninou 06
see [Min] tableMF-tricycl./MinMsh2ñ 13mg/kg/dNSAI 2.20Min mice polypsLal Ash 01
see [Min] tableMF-tricyclic /Apc716 3.5-14mg/kg/dNSAI 2.30Min mice polypsOshima 96
see [ACF] tableMg(OH)2 1%PEG2.01ACF numberTache 06
see [TUM] tableMg(OH)2 500ppmminer5.31Tumor incidenceMori Morish. 93
see [PromTum] tablemicroflora normal vs germfree fibact0.22Tumor incid. (prom)Reddy Na. 75
see [PromTum] tablemilk vs beef meat /miceprot0.24Tumor incid. (prom)Nutter 83
see [Min] tableMirtoselect (from bilberry) 0.3%phyto1.56Min mice polypsCooke 06
see [ACF] tableMiso 20%phyto2.08ACF numberMasaoka 98
see [Min] tableMMP inh. A-177430 200mg/kg/d ipother3.21Min mice polypsWagenaar 03
see [Min] tableMMPinh.+COX-2inh.ip 60+40mg/kg/dcombi3.07Min mice polypsWagenaar 03
see [TUM] tableMMTS 100ppmphyto7.93Tumor incidenceKawamori 95
see [TUM] tableMMTS 80ppmphyto1.13Tumor incidenceReddy Kaw. 99
see [TUM] tablemofarotene 100ppmvitAD1.55Tumor incidenceTanaka M. 96
see [Min] tablemofez+nimes /Apc1309 600+400ppmNSAI1.05Min mice polypsKitamura 04
see [TUM] tablemofezolac (COX1) 1200ppm NSAI1.19Tumor incidenceNiho Kita. 06
see [Min] tablemofezolac cox1 /Apc1309 0.12%NSAI1.69Min mice polypsKitamura 02
see [Min] tablemofezolac cox1 /Apc1309 600ppmNSAI1.38Min mice polypsKitamura 04
see [ACF] tablemofezolac COX1 0.12%NSAI1.65ACF numberKitamura 02
see [ACF] tablemofezolac cox1 1200ppmNSAI1.65ACF numberKitamura 03
see [TUM] tablemolybdenum 200ppm in waterminer2.13Tumor incidenceMontenegro 02
see [Min] tablemushroom extr. Lsy16 400mg/kgBWphyto1.16Min mice polypsMerkel 06
see [TUM] tablen-3 PUFA accum.transg.fat-1 micefat1.14Tumor incidenceNowak 07
see [TUM] tableNa2SO4 0.25% low fecal pHfibact1.00Tumor incidenceSamelson 85
see [ACF] tablenabumetone 0.15%NSAI1.59ACF numberRoy 01
see [TUM] tableN-acetylcystein .2%//dss miceother1.30Tumor incidenceSeril-Liao 01
see [ACF] tableN-acetylcysteine 0.2%other1.51ACF numberPereira 91
see [PromTum] tableneomycin 100ppmfibact1.11Tumor incid. (prom)Reddy 84
see [TUM] tablenerolidol 0.5%other2.48Tumor incidenceWattenb. 91
see [Min] tablenimesulide /Apc1638Mlh1 400ppmNSAI3.55Min mice polypsYang-Itano 04
see [ACF] tablenimesulide 200ppmNSAI1.54ACF numberTakahashi 96
see [TUM] tablenimesulide 400ppm //+dssNSAI3.00Tumor incidenceOnose 06
see [ACF] tablenimesulide 400ppm //dmh+dssNSAI1.51ACF numberOnose 06
see [TUM] tablenimesulide 400ppm /miceNSAI2.00Tumor incidenceFukutake 98
see [Min] tablenimesulide cox2 /Apc1309 400ppmNSAI0.83Min mice polypsKitamura 04
see [Min] tablenimesulide cox2 /Apc1309 400ppmNSAI1.46Min mice polypsKitamura 02
see [PromTum] tablenitrite sodium NaNO2 0.2% drink w.NOC0.98Tumor incid. (prom)Kitamura 06
see [ACF] tablenitroflavone 4'-OH-3- 125ppmother1.65ACF numberSteele 02
see [ACF] tablenitroflavone 4'-OH-3- 125ppmother1.84ACF numberSteele 02
see [PromTum] tableNMCOPA NO-Met-Cbx-Prop-NH2NOC0.22Tumor incid. (prom)Hasegawa 98
see [Min] tableNO-1886 LPL inducer 400ppmother2.10Min mice polypsNiho Mutoh 05
see [Min] tableNO-1886 LPL inducer 800ppmother2.41Min mice polypsNiho Mutoh 05
see [Min] tableNO-aspirin (NA-ASA) 100mg/kg/d i.r./N2.45Min mice polypsWilliams 04
see [TUM] tableNO-aspirin 0.3%/N1.93Tumor incidenceRao Reddy 06
see [ACF] tableNO-aspirin NCX4016 //TNBS/N7.00ACF numberBak 98
see [TUM] tablenobiletin 100ppm (citrus) //+dss !phyto5.00Tumor incidenceMiyamoto 08
see [ACF] tablenobiletin 500ppmphyto2.21ACF numberKohno 01
see [Min] tableN-OH-PhiP /Apc716 50mg/kg x 5 inj.HAA0.30Min mice polypsOshima 96
see [TUM] tableNO-indomethacin 80ppm/N3.38Tumor incidenceRao Reddy 06
see [ACF] tableNOS inhibit. L-NAME 100ppm/N1.46ACF numberKawamori 00
see [ACF] tableNOS inhibit. PBIT 50ppm/N2.30ACF numberRao Kaw. 99
see [Min] tableNOS2-/- vs NOS2+/+/N0.79Min mice polypsScott 01
see [PromTum] tableoat bran 12% vs wheat bran 12 fibact0.53Tumor incid. (prom)Zoran 97
see [ACF] tableobacunone 200ppmphyto2.86ACF numberTanaka 01
see [TUM] tableobacunone 500ppmphyto5.76Tumor incidenceTanaka M. 01
see [ACF] tableoleanolic 200ppmphyto1.55ACF numberKawamori 95
see [ACF] tableoleanolic acid 1500ppmphyto2.08ACF numberJanakiram 08
see [Min] tableolive oil + fruits & veg. 11%+10%other1.47Min mice polypsMai Colbert 03
see [ACF] tableolive oil 10% vs. Chowfat1.34ACF numberFujise 07
see [ACF] tableolive oil 15% vs soil oil 15% fat1.43ACF numberSchwartz 04
see [TUM] tableolive oil 23.5% vs corn oilfat3.54Tumor incidenceReddy Mae. 84
see [TUM] tableolive oil 5% vs safflower oilfat1.43Tumor incidenceBartoli 00
see [ACF] tableolive oil 5% vs safflower oilfat1.91ACF numberBartoli 00
see [TUM] tableoltipraz 200ppmphyto1.23Tumor incidenceSivananthan 05
see [TUM] tableoltipraz 200ppmphyto1.66Tumor incidenceRao Rivens. 93
see [ACF] tableoltipraz 200ppmphyto2.38ACF numberSivananthan 05
see [ACF] tableoltipraz 200ppm //MNUphyto3.62ACF numberBegleiter 03
see [TUM] tableomeprazole 40æM/kgNSAI1.50Tumor incidencePenman 93
see [ACF] tableonion (dried) 5%phyto1.74ACF numberTache 07
see [ACF] tableonion (dried) 5% /IQphyto2.49ACF numberTache 07
see [ACF] tableONO-1714 100ppm/N1.90ACF numberTakahashi
see [TUM] tableONO-8711 EP1-antag. 800ppmNSAI1.28Tumor incidenceNiho 05
see [TUM] tableOnopordum cyn.extr. 0.3ml/mouse !phyto1.00Tumor incidenceEl-Najjar 07
see [TUM] tableorange juice as drinkphyto1.28Tumor incidenceMiyagi 00
see [PromACF] tableOrlistat 200ppmother0.59ACF number (prom)Garcia 05
see [PromACF] tableOrlistat 200ppm+ hi.fat 10% cotton oilother0.38ACF number (prom)Garcia 05
see [ACF] tableoxothiazolidine carboxylate ?%other1.88ACF numberPereira 91
see [PromACF] tableoxothiazolidine carboxylate 0.2%other0.58ACF number (prom)Wargovich 00
see [Min] tablep53 rescue CP-313198 200ppmother4.00Min mice polypsRao-Malis. 04
see [ACF] tablePAF-recept.antag. 1mg/kg //TNBother2.58ACF numberFurihata 02
see [TUM] tablepaprika juice (capsant.) //MNUphyto2.08Tumor incidenceNarisawa 00
see [ACF] tablepeas 10% phyto1.03ACF numberRijken 99
see [ACF] tablepectin 10%fibact1.62ACF numberRao Chou 98
see [TUM] tablepectin 10% vs no fiberfibact1.38Tumor incidenceHeitman 92
see [TUM] tablepectin 15% vs cellulose 5%fibact5.70Tumor incidenceWatanabe 79
see [TUM] tablepectin 6% vs cellulose 6% fibact1.20Tumor incidenceChang 97
see [TUM] tablepectin apple 20% vs cell.5%fibact2.24Tumor incidenceOhkami 95
see [ACF] tablepectin citrus 15%fibact2.12ACF numberAviviG 00
see [TUM] tablePEG 3350 + celecox. 5+0.15%combi6.40Tumor incidenceDo Barnard 05
see [Min] tablePEG 3350 10% in waterPEG1.89Min mice polypsRoy Gulizia 02
see [ACF] tablePEG 3350 5%PEG1.35ACF numberDo Barnard 05
see [ACF] tablePEG 3350 5%PEG1.35ACF numberDo-Barnard 03
see [ACF] tablePEG 8000 5%PEG7.94ACF numberParnaud 99
see [Min] tablePEG 8000 /MinMsh2 5%PEG0.90Min mice polypsNaigamwal. 00
see [ACF] tablePEG 8000 5%PEG1.58ACF numberRoy 04
see [ACF] tablePEG 8000 5%PEG1.72ACF numberKarlsson 05
see [ACF] tablePEG 8000 5%PEG3.85ACF numberRoy 06
see [TUM] tablePEG 8000 5%peg4.25Tumor incidenceRoy Kunte 06
see [ACF] tablePEG 8000 5%PEG5.46ACF numberNaigamw. 00
see [TUM] tablePEG 8000 5%PEG7.00Tumor incidenceParnaud 99
see [ACF] tablePEG 8000 5%PEG10.95ACF numberFemia 07
see [ACF] tablePEG 8000 5%PEG14.00ACF numberParnaud 01
see [ACF] tablePEG 8000 5%PEG17.83ACF numberCorpet 99
see [ACF] tablePEG 8000 5%PEG19.22ACF numberTache 06
see [ACF] tablePEG 8000 5%PEG27.69ACF numberTache 06
see [TUM] tablePEG 8000 5% PEG8.56Tumor incidenceCorpet 00
see [ACF] tablePEG 8000 5% * MDF *PEG52.00ACF numberFemia 07
see [ACF] tablePEG 8000 5% //MNU PEG56.00ACF numberCorpet 00
see [TUM] tablePEG 8000 50ppmPEG4.25Tumor incidenceWali-Stoib. 02
see [ACF] tablePEG-like pluronic F68 1%PEG1.44ACF numberTache 07
see [ACF] tablePEG-like pluronic F68 5%PEG75.71ACF numberParnaud 01
see [TUM] tablePEMC caffeate 750ppm phyto1.88Tumor incidenceRao Des. 95
see [TUM] tableperilla oil 12% //MNUfat2.08Tumor incidenceNarisawa 94
see [ACF] tableperilla oil 12% vs olive oilfat3.88ACF numberOnogi 96
see [ACF] tableperilla oil 12%+ B-carotene combi11.42ACF numberKomaki 96
see [TUM] tableperillyl alcol 0.2%phyto1.40Tumor incidenceReddy Wa. 97
see [ACF] tablePGE KO mice EP4-/-NSAI1.78ACF numberMutoh 02
see [ACF] tablePGE recept.EP1 antag. 800ppmNSAI1.44ACF numberKawamori 01
see [Min] tablePgEP1 ant. /Apc1309 400ppmNSAI1.22Min mice polypsKitamura 03
see [ACF] tablePgEP1 ant. Ono8711 0.1%NSAI1.54ACF numberWatanabe 99
see [ACF] tablePgEP1 ant. Ono8713 160ppmNSAI1.47ACF numberWatanabe 00
see [ACF] tablePgEP1 recept. KO miceNSAI1.55ACF numberWatanabe 99
see [Min] tablePgEP1+4 ant. /Apc1309 400+400ppmNSAI1.32Min mice polypsKitamura 03
see [Min] tablePgEP4 ant. /Apc1309 400ppmNSAI1.10Min mice polypsKitamura 03
see [Min] tablePgEP4 antagonist 300ppmNSAI 1.50Min mice polypsMutoh 02
see [Min] tablePhiP /Apc1638 0.03% male&fem.HAA0.40Min mice polypsSorensen 97
see [Min] tablePhiP /Apc716 400ppmHAA0.90Min mice polypsOshima 96
see [PromTum] tablePhIP 0.03% in dietHAA0.79Tumor incid. (prom)Hirose 99
see [Min] tablePhiP 10mg/kg x 1 inj.HAA0.50Min mice polypsSteffensen 01
see [Min] tablePhiP 25mg/kg x 8 inj.HAA0.20Min mice polypsAndreassen 01
see [Min] tablePhIP 50mg/kg 1sc.Inj.HAA0.18Min mice polypsMollersen 04
see [Min] tablePhiP 50mg/kg x 1 inj.HAA0.30Min mice polypsSteffensen 01
see [Min] tablePhiP 50mg/kg x 4 inj. HAA0.90Min mice polypsSteffensen 97
see [Min] tablePhiP 50mg/kg x 8 inj.HAA0.10Min mice polypsAndreassen 01
see [PromTum] tablePhIP+IQ+MeIQ+Glu+P1&2 12ppmHAA0.53Tumor incid. (prom)Hasegawa 94
see [PromTum] tablePhIP+IQ+MeIQ+Glu+P1&2 60ppmHAA0.50Tumor incid. (prom)Hasegawa 94
see [TUM] tablephytate 1%phyto2.09Tumor incidenceUllah 90
see [ACF] tablephytate 2%phyto1.19ACF numberPretlow 92
see [TUM] tablephytate 2% in waterphyto3.33Tumor incidencePretlow 92
see [ACF] tablephytic acid 1%phyto1.44ACF numberJenab 98
see [ACF] tablephytic acid 2%+ green tea phyto1.50ACF numberChalla 97
see [Min] tablepioglitazone /Apc1309 100-200ppmPpar1.49Min mice polypsNiho Takah. 03
see [Min] tablepioglitazone 100ppmPpar1.58Min mice polypsNiho Takah. 03
see [Min] tablepioglitazone 1600ppmPpar11.60Min mice polypsNiho Takah. 03
see [Min] tablepioglitazone 200-400ppmPpar2.17Min mice polypsNiho Takah. 03
see [ACF] tablepioglitazone 200ppm Ppar-GPpar5.92ACF numberOsawa 03
see [TUM] tablepioglitazone PPARgam 200ppmother2.33Tumor incidenceOsawa 03
see [Min] tablepiroxicam /Apc1309 500ppmNSAI1.90Min mice polypsQuesada 98
see [ACF] tablepiroxicam 0.02%NSAI3.39ACF numberFemia 04
see [ACF] tablepiroxicam 0.02% * MDF *NSAI3.71ACF numberFemia 04
see [Min] tablepiroxicam 0.5mg/mouse/dNSAI 20.00Min mice polypsHansen-Pet. 02
see [TUM] tablepiroxicam 100ppmNSAI6.17Tumor incidenceZhang 02
see [ACF] tablepiroxicam 125ppmNSAI1.63ACF numberPereira 94
see [ACF] tablepiroxicam 125ppm 12to24wksNSAI2.89ACF numberMorishita 97
see [Min] tablepiroxicam 200 or 220ppmNSAI 5.60Min mice polypsRitland 99
see [Min] tablepiroxicam 200ppmNSAI 1.60Min mice polypsRitland 99
see [ACF] tablepiroxicam 200ppmNSAI2.78ACF numberWargovich 95
see [ACF] tablepiroxicam 200ppmNSAI2.83ACF numberNozawa 05
see [Min] tablepiroxicam 200ppmNSAI 15.40Min mice polypsRitland 99
see [Min] tablepiroxicam 200ppmNSAI 23.30Min mice polypsRitland 99
see [TUM] tablepiroxicam 200ppm NSAI2.53Tumor incidenceTao 02
see [TUM] tablepiroxicam 200ppm NSAI6.67Tumor incidenceLi Kramer 99
see [Min] tablepiroxicam 25-50-100ppmNSAI 1.50Min mice polypsJacoby Cole 00
see [TUM] tablepiroxicam 400 ppmNSAI2.75Tumor incidenceReddy Tok. 92
see [ACF] tablepiroxicam 400ppmNSAI3.06ACF numberWargovich 00
see [ACF] tablepiroxicam 400ppmNSAI3.35ACF numberWargovich 00
see [TUM] tablepiroxicam 400ppmNSAI3.38Tumor incidenceRao Toku. 91
see [Min] tablepiroxicam 50-100-200ppmNSAI 3.70Min mice polypsJacoby 96
see [Min] tablepiroxicam 50ppmNSAI 2.60Min mice polypsJacoby Cole 00
see [Min] tablepiroxicam 50ppmNSAI 4.10Min mice polypsJacoby Cole 00
see [ACF] tablepiroxicam 75ppmNSAI2.22ACF numberWargovich 96
see [Min] tablePJ34 PARP inhibitor 3-10mg/kg/d/N1.20Min mice polypsMabley 04
see [ACF] tablepleuran B-glucan 10% vs 0 fibrefibact2.16ACF numberBobek 01
see [TUM] tableplumbagin 200ppmphyto1.35Tumor incidenceSugie 98
see [ACF] tablepolyamine low- diet /N1.89ACF numberDuranton 97
see [ACF] tablepolydextrose 3%fibact1.62ACF numberIshizuka 03
see [ACF] tablePPITC 0.4%phyto1.54ACF numberLam 91
see [TUM] tablepravastatin 10ppm /miceother2.76Tumor incidenceNarisawa 96
see [ACF] tableproanthocyanidin 0.002%phyto1.47ACF numberNomoto 04
see [ACF] tableproanthocyanidins 1% (grape)phyto4.27ACF numberSingletary 01
see [TUM] tableprobiotic SCM-III LacBif 2ml/d !!fibact1.80Tumor incidenceMarotta 03
see [ACF] tableprobiotic SCM-III LactBif 2ml/d !!fibact2.00ACF numberMarotta 03
see [ACF] tableprocyanidin B2 0.05%phyto1.52ACF numberNomoto 04
see [TUM] tablepromegranate seed oil 0.1% (CLA)fat1.30Tumor incidenceKohno 04
see [ACF] tablepropolis extr. 30mg/kgother1.59ACF numberBazo 02
see [PromACF] tablepropyl gallate 0.16%other0.70ACF number (prom)Wargovich 96
see [Min] tableprostaglandin E2 2x 150mcg/d poother0.75Min mice polypsWang Wang 04
see [Min] tableprostaglandin E2 2x 300mcg/d poother0.49Min mice polypsWang Wang 04
see [ACF] tableprotocatechuic ac. 0.1%phyto2.16ACF numberKawamori 94
see [TUM] tableprotocatechuic acid 0.1%phyto2.88Tumor incidenceTanaka K. 93
see [Man] tablePsylliumfibact0.60Human Adenoma. rec.Bonithon 00
see [TUM] tablepsyllium 15% vs cellulose 5%fibact2.75Tumor incidenceWilpart 87
see [PromTum] tablepsyllium 20%fibact0.50Tumor incid. (prom)Toth 84
see [ACF] tablepterostilbene 40ppm (blueberry)phyto2.33ACF numberSuh Paul 07
see [TUM] tablepurple corn color 5% //PhIPphyto3.17Tumor incidenceHagirawa 01
see [TUM] tableputrescine inj. 150æmol/kg/N2.40Tumor incidenceTatsuta 91
see [ACF] tablequercetin 0.1%phyto1.63ACF numberGee 02
see [TUM] tablequercetin 1%phyto2.50Tumor incidenceDihal 06
see [ACF] tablequercetin 2%phyto2.38ACF numberMatsuka. 97
see [TUM] tablequercetin 2% /micephyto4.25Tumor incidenceDeschner 91
see [ACF] tablequercetin 3% =80% MTDphyto4.00ACF numberVolate 05
see [PromTum] tablequercetin 3.36% phyto0.53Tumor incid. (prom)Pereira 96
see [TUM] tablequinone HTHQ, antiox. 0.5%other1.75Tumor incidenceFutakuchi 02
see [TUM] tableraloxifene 1 ppmother1.56Tumor incidenceRao-Janak. 06
see [ACF] tableraloxifene 1.25ppmother1.56ACF numberRao Janak. 06
see [Min] tableranolazine 2x30mg/kg/d ipother0.59Min mice polypsSuckow 04
see [TUM] tableraspberries 10%phyto1.34Tumor incidenceHarris 01
see [ACF] tableraspberries 2.5%phyto1.51ACF numberHarris 01
see [ACF] tablereovirus 5x10E9/wkother1.69ACF numberAlain 07
see [TUM] tablereovirus T3 10E9/wk x5other1.00Tumor incidenceAlain 07
see [PromTum] tableresistant starch vs wheat branfibact0.64Tumor incid. (prom)Young 96
see [ACF] tableresveratrol 0.2%phyto1.23ACF numberSteele 98
see [Min] tableresveratrol 0.2%phyto1.37Min mice polypsSale Tunst. 05
see [ACF] tableresveratrol 200æg/kgphyto1.53ACF numberTessitore 00
see [ACF] tableresveratrol 20ppmphyto1.91ACF numberKineman 07
see [Min] tableresveratrol 500ppmphyto1.03Min mice polypsSale Richard 04
see [TUM] tableresveratrol 8mg/kgphyto3.50Tumor incidenceSengottuvel. 06
see [ACF] tableresveratrol 8mg/kgBW/dphyto3.52ACF numberSengottuv. 06
see [Min] tableresveratrol 90mg/kgphyto0.88Min mice polypsZiegler 04
see [Min] tableresveratrol 90mg/kgphyto1.27Min mice polypsZiegler 04
see [ACF] tableresveratrol Alfafa +B-gluc 30ppmphyto10.29ACF numberKineman 07
see [Min] tableresveratrol analog. DMU-212 0.2%phyto1.32Min mice polypsSale Tunst. 05
see [ACF] tableretinamide 2-CPR 1mol/gvitAD2.35ACF numberZheng 97
see [TUM] tableretinamide 4-HPR 2mmol/kgvitAD1.15Tumor incidenceZheng 97
see [ACF] tableretinamide 4-HPR 782ppmvitAD2.15ACF numberZheng 99
see [ACF] tableretinamide 4-MPR 1mol/gvitAD1.96ACF numberZheng 97
see [ACF] tableretinoic 13cis 780ppmvitAD2.00ACF numberWargovich 95
see [ACF] tableretinoic 13cisRet 390ppmvitAD2.11ACF numberWargovich 00
see [ACF] tableretinoic 9cisRet 390ppmvitAD2.03ACF numberWargovich 00
see [PromTum] tableretinoic a. all trans 10ppmvitAD0.57Tumor incid. (prom)Orita 04
see [Min] tableretinoic ac. allTrns /+PhIP 50ppmvitAD0.70Min mice polypsMollersen 04
see [Min] tableretinoic acid allTrans 10ppmvitAD0.42Min mice polypsMollersen 04
see [ACF] tableretinoic acid allTrans 190ppmvitAD3.02ACF numberWargovich 00
see [TUM] tableretinoic Am-55P 20ppmvitAD1.80Tumor incidenceOrita 04
see [ACF] tableretinoid acyclic vitAD2.38ACF numberSuzui 05
see [Min] tableR-flurbiprofen 10mg/kg/2d gav.other2.49Min mice polypsWechter 00
see [Min] tableR-flurbiprofen 10mg/kg/d gav.other3.23Min mice polypsWechter 97
see [Min] tableR-flurbiprofen 10mg/kg/d gav.other6.79Min mice polypsWechter 97
see [Min] tableR-flurbiprofen 5mg/kg/d gav.other2.26Min mice polypsWechter 97
see [TUM] tablerice germ 2.5%phyto2.63Tumor incidenceKawabata 99
see [ACF] tablerice-germ 2.5%phyto2.33ACF numberKawabata 99
see [Min] tableRo26-9114 3 x 5 mcrg/wkvitAD1.00Min mice polypsHuerta 02
see [Min] tablerofecoxib /Apc716 25-75ppmNSAI 1.80Min mice polypsOshima 01
see [ACF] tableroselle 0.1%phyto1.49ACF numberChewon. 99
see [ACF] tablerosiglitazone 200ppm Ppar-GPpar5.48ACF numberOsawa 03
see [ACF] tablerotenone 500ppmphyto2.49ACF numberYoshitani 01
see [TUM] tablerotenone 500ppmphyto2.67Tumor incidenceYoshitani 01
see [ACF] tablerutin 3%phyto3.24ACF numberWargovich 00
see [PromTum] tablerutin 0.3%phyto0.82Tumor incid. (prom)Tao 02
see [ACF] tablerutin 4%phyto2.42ACF numberWijnands 04
see [Min] tablerutin-quercetin 2%phyto1.20Min mice polypsMahmoud 00
see [Min] tablerye bran /female 30%phyto0.60Min mice polypsVanKranen 03
see [Min] tablerye bran /male 30%phyto0.84Min mice polypsVanKranen 03
see [Min] tablerye bran 10%fibact0.73Min mice polypsOikarinen 03
see [Min] tablerye bran 10%fibact1.30Min mice polypsMutanen 00
see [Min] tablerye bran 10% /inulin dietfibact1.10Min mice polypsOikarinen 00
see [ACF] tablerye bran 30% vs 9% cellulosephyto0.88ACF numberDavies 99
see [Min] tablerye bran insoluble fract. 8%fibact0.81Min mice polypsOikarinen 03
see [Min] tablerye bran water extract 8%fibact0.70Min mice polypsOikarinen 03
see [ACF] tableS-adenosyl-L-methionine 800ppmother1.87ACF numberGuruswamy 08
see [PromTum] tablesafflower oil vs olive oil 5%fat0.70Tumor incid. (prom)Bartoli 00
see [ACF] tablesaline infusion in colon 2x.5ml/dfibact1.83ACF numberWong 05
see [ACF] tables-allylcysteine 80%MTDphyto2.17ACF numberHatono 96
see [ACF] tables-allylcysteine 250ppmphyto2.15ACF numberWargovich 00
see [ACF] tablesanshishi 2%phyto3.30ACF numberFukutake 00
see [Min] tablesc26196 /desaturase 100mg/kg/dother1.60Min mice polypsHansen-Pet. 02
see [Min] tableSDA stearidonic acid 3.1%fat1.87Min mice polypsHansen-Pet. 00
see [Man] tableSe,Ca,vitC,vitE,Bcarcombi1.41Human Adenoma. rec.Hofstad 98
see [Man] tableSe,Zn,vitC,vitE,Bcarcombi1.41Human CR Cancer incid.Hercberg 04
see [Min] tablesecoisolariciresinol (lignan) 200ppmphyto0.95Min mice polypsPajari 06
see [PromTum] tablesedentarity vs exercise 5h/dother0.70Tumor incid. (prom)Thorling 94
see [PromTum] tablesedentarity vs voluntary exercise other0.62Tumor incid. (prom)Reddy Su. 88
see [TUM] tableselenised casein 1ppm Seother1.40Tumor incidenceMcIntosh 06
see [ACF] tableselenite 2mg/kg //DMABP !other2.22ACF numberFeng 99
see [Man] tableSeleniumminer2.38Human CR Cancer incid.Clark 96
see [TUM] tableselenium 2.5ppm (NaSe)other1.75Tumor incidenceReddy Su. 88
see [ACF] tableselenium 2ppmother1.75ACF numberIrons 06
see [TUM] tableselenium 4ppm (NaSe)other2.11Tumor incidenceNayini 91
see [ACF] tableselenium broccoli 1ppm //DMABP !phyto2.19ACF numberFinley 00
see [ACF] tableselenium broccoli 2ppmphyto2.01ACF numberFinley 01
see [ACF] tableselenium BSeSG 3.4ppmother2.56ACF numberKawamori 98
see [Min] tableselenium in broccoli 2.1ppm Seother1.40Min mice polypsDavis 02
see [Min] tableselenium p-XSC 10-20ppmother1.80Min mice polypsRao Cooma 00
see [TUM] tableselenocyanate benzyl 25ppm other1.62Tumor incidenceReddy Sug. 87
see [TUM] tableselenocyanate benzyl 50ppmother2.12Tumor incidenceNayini 91
see [TUM] tableselenocyanate pXSC 20ppm other1.96Tumor incidenceReddy Riv. 97
see [TUM] tableselenocyanate pXSC 40ppm other2.16Tumor incidenceReddy Riv. 92
see [TUM] tableselenocyanate pXSSG 56ppmother1.60Tumor incidenceRao Wang 01
see [ACF] tableselenomethionine 2ppmother1.17ACF numberBaines 00
see [PromACF] tableSenna extract 100mg/kgirrit1.34ACF number (prom)Mascolo 99
see [TUM] tablesericin (silk prot.) 3% other3.00Tumor incidenceZhaorigetu 01
see [ACF] tablesilymarin 0.1%phyto2.80ACF numberKohno 02
see [TUM] tablesilymarin 500ppmphyto3.09Tumor incidenceKohno 02
see [ACF] tablesinigrin 400ppmphyto1.69ACF numberSmith 98
see [PromACF] tablesitosterol (beta) 0.6%other0.61ACF number (prom)Wargovich 96
see [Min] tableSNAIL AS-PMO 10mcg/gBW ip 5d/7other1.29Min mice polypsRoy Iversen 04
see [TUM] tablesour milk 28% (undried)fibact1.50Tumor incidenceTanako 85
see [PromACF] tablesoy 23% vs low isoflavone soyphyto0.75ACF number (prom)Davies 99
see [ACF] tablesoy isoflavones 0.1%phyto1.72ACF numberSung 08
see [Min] tablesoy isoflavones 475ppm vs 16ppmphyto1.00Min mice polypsSorensen 98
see [TUM] tablesoy protein 20% vs caseinother4.10Tumor incidenceHakkak 01
see [Min] tablesoybean oil low- 5% vs.20, no fibr dietfat1.60Min mice polypsYu Whiteley 01
see [Min] tablesphingomyelin &cer. 0.1%other1.80Min mice polypsSchmelz 01
see [TUM] tablesphingomyelin 0.05%fat5.83Tumor incidenceLemonnier 03
see [ACF] tablesphingomyelin 0.1% /micefat3.25ACF numberSchmelz 96
see [TUM] tablesphingomyelin 250ppm /micefat1.25Tumor incidenceSchmelz 96
see [ACF] tablesphingomyelin 35mg/kg/dfat1.18ACF numberExon 03
see [ACF] tablesphingomyelin 500ppmother2.17ACF numberDillehay 94
see [TUM] tablesphingomyelin 500ppm/mice !fat2.18Tumor incidenceDillehay 94
see [ACF] tablesphingomyelin diOH 0.1%/micefat3.33ACF numberSchmelz 97
see [ACF] tablesqualene 1%fat1.84ACF numberRao New. 98
see [ACF] tablestarch amylose+Clostr.butyr.20%fibact1.74ACF numberNakanishi 03
see [ACF] tablestarch potato 67% vs mixfibact1.47ACF numberThorup 95
see [ACF] tablestarch resist.III 20% vs normalfibact1.84ACF numberPerrin 01
see [Min] tablestarch resistant- /Apc1638 20%fibact0.47Min mice polypsWilliamson 99
see [Min] tablestarch resistant- 19%fibact1.00Min mice polypsPierre 97
see [ACF] tablestarch resistant 25%fibact2.82ACF numberCassand 97
see [ACF] tablestarch resistant High RS 30%vs.0fibact1.81ACF numberLiu Xu 08
see [ACF] tablestarch resistant Low RS 0%vs.30fibact1.66ACF numberLiu Xu 08
see [TUM] tablestarch resistant RS3 10% !fibact8.00Tumor incidenceBauerMarin. 06
see [ACF] tablestarch vs sucrose bolusother1.57ACF numberLuceri 96
see [ACF] tablestarch vs sucrose-dextrin dietother3.05ACF numberPoulsen 01
see [ACF] tablestarch(corn) vs sucrose 34% //IQother1.09ACF numberLindecrona 04
see [TUM] tablestearic acid 5% vs linoleic 5%fat1.32Tumor incidenceSakaguchi 84
see [PromACF] tablesulfasalazine 0.04%other0.62ACF number (prom)Wargovich 96
see [Min] tablesulforaph.300ppm+dibenzoylmeth.0.5%combi2.30Min mice polypsShen Khor 07
see [ACF] tablesulforaphane 2æmol/dphyto1.49ACF numberChung 00
see [Min] tablesulforaphane 600ppm phyto1.92Min mice polypsShen Khor 07
see [Min] tablesulforaphane 6mcmol/dphyto1.82Min mice polypsMyzak 06
see [Man] tableSulindacNSAI1.28Human Polyp no.Giardiello 02
see [Min] tablesulindac 200ppm in waterNSAI1.85Min mice polypsKang 03
see [Min] tablesulindac /Apc1638 200ppmNSAI0.70Min mice polypsItano 04
see [Min] tablesulindac /Apc1638Mlh1 200ppmNSAI1.00Min mice polypsItano 04
see [Min] tablesulindac /Apc716 12mg/kg/dNSAI1.20Min mice polypsOshima 96
see [Min] tablesulindac /Apc716 150ppmNSAI1.60Min mice polypsOshima 01
see [Min] tablesulindac /MinMsh2-- 13mg/kg/dNSAI1.20Min mice polypsLal Ash 01
see [Min] tablesulindac /MinMsh2ñ 13mg/kg/dNSAI1.30Min mice polypsLal Ash 01
see [Min] tablesulindac /Mlh1 200ppmNSAI0.14Min mice polypsItano 04
see [Min] tablesulindac 0.6mg/mouse/dNSAI2.10Min mice polypsHansen-Pet. 02
see [ACF] tablesulindac 10mg/kgNSAI1.58ACF numberCharal. 96
see [Min] tablesulindac 150ppmNSAI3.90Min mice polypsTorrance 00
see [Min] tablesulindac 160ppmNSAI1.80Min mice polypsHuerta 02
see [Min] tablesulindac 160ppmNSAI1.81Min mice polypsEmami 04
see [Min] tablesulindac 160ppmNSAI6.50Min mice polypsRitland 99
see [Min] tablesulindac 160ppmNSAI56.20Min mice polypsBoolbol 96
see [TUM] tablesulindac 160ppm /miceNSAI2.18Tumor incidenceHu LeLeu 05
see [Min] tablesulindac 300ppmNSAI1.50Min mice polypsSuganuma 01
see [ACF] tablesulindac 320ppmNSAI1.56ACF numberReddy 96
see [ACF] tablesulindac 320ppmNSAI1.70ACF numberPereira 94
see [ACF] tablesulindac 320ppmNSAI2.11ACF numberRao New. 98
see [TUM] tablesulindac 320ppmNSAI2.23Tumor incidenceRao Rivens. 95
see [Min] tablesulindac 320ppmNSAI12.90Min mice polypsChiu McEnt. 97
see [Min] tablesulindac 320ppmNSAI14.58Min mice polypsHansen-Pet. 00
see [Min] tablesulindac 75-150ppmNSAI4.50Min mice polypsJacoby-Cole 02
see [Min] tablesulindac 80ppmNSAI1.81Min mice polypsOrner 03
see [ACF] tablesulindac 80ppm+ olive oil 15vs4% combi5.60ACF numberSchwartz 04
see [Min] tablesulindac 84ppm drink.waterNSAI1.89Min mice polypsVanKranen 03
see [Min] tablesulindac in diet 200ppmNSAI6.75Min mice polypsYang Fan 03
see [Min] tablesulindac in water 180ppmNSAI2.49Min mice polypsYang Fan 03
see [Man] tableSulindac sulfideNSAI1.54Therap.response /HumanArber 06
see [ACF] tablesulindac sulfide 0.3, then 0.1%NSAI6.89ACF numberWargovich 00
see [TUM] tablesulindac sulfone 0.12%NSAI3.27Tumor incidenceReddy Kaw. 99
see [TUM] tablesulindac sulfone 0.2%NSAI2.96Tumor incidencePiazza 97
see [Min] tablesulindac sulfone 50mg/kg/d gav.other1.30Min mice polypsWechter 00
see [ACF] tablesulindac sulfoxide 160ppmNSAI2.27ACF numberWargovich 00
see [ACF] tablesulindac+ECGC 4mg/kg+0.01%combi4.62ACF numberOhishi 02
see [TUM] tablesynbiotics FosInuLactBif 10%fibact1.33Tumor incidenceFemia 02
see [ACF] tablesynbiotics FosLacBif 10% * MDFfibact2.16ACF numberCaderni 03
see [ACF] tabletannin (red alder) 10mg/kg /micephyto2.64ACF numberGaliMuht. 01
see [TUM] tabletannin red ald. 10mg/kg micephyto1.00Tumor incidenceGali-Muht. 01
see [ACF] tabletaurine 1.2ppmother2.74ACF numberWargovich 00
see [ACF] tabletea 1.25% + milk 1.85% phyto2.45ACF numberWeisburg. 97
see [PromACF] tabletea black- extract 1%phyto0.73ACF number (prom)Wargovich 00
see [TUM] tabletea black, extract 50mg/kgphyto1.46Tumor incidenceCaderni 00
see [Min] tabletea extr.+sulindac 0.1%water+300ppmcombi2.30Min mice polypsSuganuma 01
see [ACF] tabletea extract EGCG 0.12%phyto1.53ACF numberSteele B. 99
see [ACF] tabletea green (2% as drink)phyto1.69ACF numberJia 01
see [Min] tabletea green- extract 0.1% in waterphyto1.30Min mice polypsSuganuma 01
see [PromACF] tabletea green- extract 1%phyto0.83ACF number (prom)Wargovich 00
see [ACF] tabletea green, extract 0.6% drinkphyto1.30ACF numberJu J 03
see [TUM] tabletea green, polyphenols 0.1%phyto2.03Tumor incidenceYamane 91
see [ACF] tabletea white 2% drink water //PhIP !phyto4.31ACF numberSantana 01
see [Min] tabletea, green or white 1.5%phyto2.00Min mice polypsOrner 03
see [Min] tabletea, white + sulindac 1.5%+80ppmphyto4.04Min mice polypsOrner 03
see [ACF] tabletetracycline 1.25%fibact2.78ACF numberWargovich 00
see [TUM] tabletetracycline 10mg/d meat dietfibact4.84Tumor incidenceGoldin 81
see [TUM] tableTGF-B1 2ng/dother1.00Tumor incidenceMikhailow 98
see [ACF] tableTGF-B1 2ng/dother3.20ACF numberMikhail. 98
see [ACF] tablethiocyanate PEITC 2æmol/dphyto1.53ACF numberChung 00
see [TUM] tablethymoquinone 5mg/kg (Nigella) /mi.phyto1.00Tumor incidenceGali-Muht. 08
see [ACF] tablethymoquinone 5mg/kg.ip (Nigella)phyto7.58ACF numberGali-Muhta. 08
see [ACF] tabletocopherol mix Gamma 0.1%vitAD2.22ACF numberNewmark 06
see [TUM] tabletomato juice (lycop) //MNUphyto2.60Tumor incidenceNarisawa 98
see [TUM] tabletreadmill exercise 5h/dother1.43Tumor incidenceThorling 94
see [Min] tabletricin (from rice bran) 0.2%phyto1.46Min mice polypsCai AlFay. 05
see [Min] tabletroglitazone /Apc1638Mlh1 0.2%Ppar1.47Min mice polypsYang Fan 05
see [ACF] tabletroglitazone 1000ppm Ppar-GPpar1.59ACF numberOsawa 03
see [ACF] tabletroglitazone 30mg/kgPpar4.15ACF numberKohno 01
see [Min] tabletroglitazone Ppar-gam 0.2%Ppar0.80Min mice polypsSaez Tonton. 98
see [Min] tabletroglitazone Ppar-gam 150mg/kg/dPpar0.90Min mice polypsLefebvre 98
see [ACF] tabletryptanthrin 50mg/Kgphyto1.82ACF numberKoyaMiyata 01
see [TUM] tabletryptanthrin 50mg/kgphyto4.90Tumor incidenceKoyaMiyata 01
see [ACF] tabletuna oil vs. corn oil 23.5%fat1.39ACF numberKohno 00
see [Min] tabletyrosine kinase prodrug DMU-135 0.2%other1.86Min mice polypsSale Tunst. 06
see [Min] tableuroguanylin 26 mcrg/mouse/dother1.80Min mice polypsShailubhai 00
see [Min] tableursodeox. +sulindac 500 +75ppmcombi3.40Min mice polypsJacoby-Cole 02
see [Min] tableursodeox.+sulindac 15-4500+75ppmcombi6.90Min mice polypsJacoby-Cole 02
see [TUM] tableursodeoxycholic 0.08%//MNUother1.89Tumor incidenceNarisawa 98
see [TUM] tableursodeoxycholic 0.4% //+dss /mic.other1.63Tumor incidenceKohno Suz 07
see [TUM] tableursodeoxycholic 0.4% //dss /miceother3.75Tumor incidenceLoddenkemp. 06
see [ACF] tableursodeoxycholic ac. 1mg/d colost.other1.99ACF numberLin 01
see [Man] tableUrsodeoxycholic acidbile1.14Human Adenoma. rec.Alberts 05
see [ACF] tableursodeoxycholic acid 0.4%other1.30ACF numberIkegami 98
see [TUM] tableursodeoxycholic acid 0.4%other1.88Tumor incidenceWali 02
see [ACF] tableursodeoxycholic acid 0.4%other2.24ACF numberWali 02
see [ACF] tableursodeoxycholic acid 0.4%other2.24ACF numberSeraj 97
see [TUM] tableursodeoxycholic acid 0.4%other2.88Tumor incidenceEarnest 94
see [Min] tableursodeoxycholic acid 500-0.15%other1.40Min mice polypsJacoby-Cole 02
see [TUM] tableursodiol-5-ASA 0.02% //MNUother1.72Tumor incidenceNarisawa 02
see [ACF] tablevaccination K-ras peptidesother1.73ACF numberPaulsen 02
see [TUM] tablevaccination p53other2.10Tumor incidenceZusman 98
see [ACF] tablevaccination PSKother2.15ACF numberMatsunag 00
see [Min] tableVaccinium myrtillus &vitis frz-dry 10%phyto1.71Min mice polypsPaivarinta 04
see [TUM] tablevalspodar PGP-inhib 15mg/kgother1.18Tumor incidenceKankesan 06
see [TUM] tableveget. & fruits 20%phyto1.04Tumor incidenceAlink 93
see [TUM] tableveget. & fruits 20% //MNGphyto1.46Tumor incidenceRijnkels 97
see [ACF] tablevegetab.juice (lycopene) =drinkphyto1.22ACF numberArimochi 99
see [Min] tablevegetables-fruits mix. 20% in 9%fatphyto1.10Min mice polypsVanKranen 98
see [Min] tablevegetables-fruits mix. 22% in 20%fatphyto0.60Min mice polypsVanKranen 98
see [Min] tableVEGF inhib. AZD2171 5mg/kg/d earlyother1.84Min mice polypsGoodlad 06
see [Min] tableVEGF inhib. AZD2171 5mg/kg/d lateother0.85Min mice polypsGoodlad 06
see [Min] tableVEGF-A inhib. Mab G6-31other1.20Min mice polypsKorsisaari 07
see [ACF] tablevit. A 200UI vitAD1.50ACF numberMaziere 98
see [ACF] tablevit. A 27 UI/g vs.7.5 UI/gfat1.94ACF numberDelage 05
see [TUM] tablevit. B6 35 ppm vs 7 ppm /mice !vitB5.00Tumor incidenceKomatsu 01
see [TUM] tablevit. D 0.1ppm+ calcium 1.5%vitAD1.66Tumor incidenceBeaty 93
see [ACF] tablevit. D 24R.25-diOH 10ppmvitAD1.81ACF numberTaniyama 00
see [TUM] tablevit. D 24R25 5ppmvitAD1.61Tumor incidenceTaniyama 00
see [TUM] tablevit. D3 1.25diOH 5x0.4æg !vitAD1.00Tumor incidenceBelleli 92
see [ACF] tablevit. D3 10ppmvitAD1.31ACF numberSalim 97
see [Min] tablevit. D3 1a,25(OH)2-D3 3x0.01mcrg/wkvitAD1.00Min mice polypsHuerta 02
see [TUM] tablevit. D3 2UI/g stress dietvitAD1.00Tumor incidenceMokady 00
see [ACF] tablevit. D3 fluorin. F6-D3 2.5nM/kgvitAD2.83ACF numberWali 02
see [TUM] tablevit. D3 -OH 0.04æg//MNUvitAD1.42Tumor incidenceKawaura 90
see [TUM] tablevit. D3-6Fl RO24 2.5nmol/kgvitAD3.33Tumor incidenceWali Bisso. 95
see [ACF] tablevit. D5 1a(OH)24-D5 0.4ppmvitAD5.33ACF numberMurillo 05
see [ACF] tablevit.A 200UI in HighFatDietvitAD2.65ACF numberDelage 04
see [Man] tableVit.C + vit.Evit0.93Human Adenoma. rec.Greenberg 94
see [Man] tableVit.C + vit.Evit1.16Human Adenoma. rec.McKeown 88
see [Man] tableVit.C +vit.E +vit.Avit6.25Human Adenoma. rec.Roncucci 93
see [Man] tableVit.Evit0.60Human Adenoma. Incid.Malila 99
see [Man] tableVit.Evit1.00Human CR Cancer incid.Lee 05
see [ACF] tablevit.E 0.2% aToco.Suc.inOldRatsvitAD1.17ACF numberExon 04
see [Min] tablevitamin mix high=RDAx5 vit.RDA x 5vitAD0.75Min mice polypsBashir 04
see [Min] tablevitamin mix low RDA/3vitAD0.81Min mice polypsBashir 04
see [TUM] tablevoluntary exercise <2 miles/d other1.61Tumor incidenceReddy Su. 88
see [Min] tablewestern diet Fat+ Ca- vit.D-/Apc1638 fat0.40Min mice polypsYang Edelm. 98
see [Min] tableWestern diet highFat lowCa /min-p21-- fat0.52Min mice polypsYang Mathew 01
see [Min] tableWestern diet highFat lowCa /p27kip1 fat0.41Min mice polypsYang Bancr. 03
see [Min] tableWestern diet highFat lowCa + p21--combi0.24Min mice polypsYang Mathew 01
see [Min] tableWestern diet vs AIN76 highFat lowCafat0.40Min mice polypsYang Mathew 01
see [TUM] tablewheat aleurone flour 33%fibact1.33Tumor incidenceMcIntosh 01
see [Min] tablewheat Araphoe, whole 50%fibact0.65Min mice polypsDrankhan 03
see [Man] tableWheat branfibact0.76Human Adenoma. rec.Ishikawa 05
see [Man] tableWheat branfibact0.83Human Adenoma. rec.McKeown 94
see [Man] tableWheat branfibact0.83Human Adenoma. rec.MacLennan 95
see [Man] tableWheat branfibact1.14Human Adenoma. rec.Alberts 00
see [ACF] tablewheat bran 10 vs 20%res.starchfibact1.62ACF numberYoung 96
see [Min] tablewheat bran 10%fibact1.00Min mice polypsMutanen 00
see [ACF] tablewheat bran 20% vs no fibrefibact3.01ACF numberIshizuka 96
see [ACF] tablewheat bran 25% vs 5% cell.fibact1.27ACF numberJenab 98
see [Min] tablewheat bran 5-10% vs0, in 20%fatfibact1.90Min mice polypsYu Whiteley 01
see [Min] tablewheat bran 7%fibact1.10Min mice polypsPierre 97
see [Min] tablewheat bran:fat 20:5 vs.3:20% /Apc716 fibact1.60Min mice polypsHioki 97
see [ACF] tablewheat diet unrefined //IQfibact1.61ACF numberYu 01
see [ACF] tablewheat germ extr. ferment. 3g/kgphyto2.39ACF numberZalatnai 01
see [TUM] tablewheat germ extr.ferment. 3g/kgphyto1.85Tumor incidenceZalatnai 01
see [Min] tablewheat/bran, 3 cultivars 45-50%fibact1.38Min mice polypsDrankhan 03
see [Min] tablewheat/bran, Madison 45-50%fibact2.36Min mice polypsDrankhan 03
see [TUM] tablewhey protein 20% vs caseinother1.89Tumor incidenceHakkak 01
see [TUM] tablewhey protein 21% vs meatother1.82Tumor incidenceMcIntosh 95
see [ACF] tablewhey protein 32% vs kang.meatother1.50ACF numberBelobrajdic 03
see [ACF] tablewhey protein hydrol. 20%other1.58ACF numberXiao 06
see [ACF] tablewhite ginseng 1%phyto1.37ACF numberLi Wanib. 00
see [TUM] tablewine extract (red) 0.11%phyto1.00Tumor incidenceFemia 05
see [TUM] tablewine extract (red) 50mg/kgphyto1.73Tumor incidenceCaderni 00
see [ACF] tableWR151327 0.5%other2.40ACF numberWargovich 00
see [ACF] tablexanthine.oxid.Y-700 20ppm /miceother1.84ACF numberHashimoto 05
see [Min] tableX-irradiation 2Gy onceother0.36Min mice polypsOkamoto 05
see [ACF] tablexylooligosaccharides XOS 6%fibact4.18ACF numberHsu 04
see [TUM] tableyugao 10% /micefibact3.00Tumor incidenceFurukawa 95
see [ACF] tablezapotin 10mg/kg BW/dphyto3.04ACF numberMurillo 07
see [Min] tableZD6474 VEGFrec.tyr.kin. 50mg/kg/d/EGF1.87Min mice polypsWilkinson 04
see [ACF] tablezerumbone 500ppmphyto1.87ACF numberTanaka 01
see [ACF] tableZingiber arom. extr. 4%phyto1.28ACF numberKirana 03

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