Chemoprevention of colon cancer: a systematic revue of preclinical studies in rats and mice.
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Cancer Prevention: Recommendations for a Better Diet

Cancer prevention is possible. Almost one cancer out of two can be prevented with a better diet. In addition, early tumor detection enables to suppress most tumors (colon, breast, prostate, cervix). Best world experts worked for several years and published the WCRF/AICR expert report "Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer", November 2007. This great expert report is available at Diet-Cancer-Report (also through AICR and WCRF websites). In France recently (2009), the National Institute for Cancer (French INCa) updated these Recommandantions de Prévention du Cancer (in French), with the support of NACRe network.

The eight recommendations for cancer prevention reported below are drawn from this WCRF/AICR Second Expert Report (Nov. 2007). And always remember : DO NOT SMOKE tobacco!

Additionnal Information

- Against colorectal cancer , main conclusions from the Chemoprevention Database are summarized in a Simple Summary page
- The author of this Database is a nutrition professor in Toulouse University. His lessons, including a Powerpoint presentation "Dietary Prevention of Cancer" (in English), are available on Corpet's teaching page
- Several websites give good advices in line e.g., (updated daily).

Eat safe and nice. Ligue contre le cancer
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