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TREATMENTCategoryPotency to Reduce
tumor incidence or
ACF No. or Min mice polyps
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see [ACF] tableindole3carbinol 0.1% //PhIP !phyto11.00ACF numberGuo 95
see [TUM] tableBB protease inh. purif. 0.1% !phyto10.71Tumor incidenceKennedy 02
see [TUM] tableBB protease inh. 0.5% /mice !phyto10.39Tumor incidenceStClair 90
see [ACF] tableresveratrol Alfafa +B-gluc 30ppmphyto10.29ACF numberKineman 07
see [TUM] tableMMTS 100ppmphyto7.93Tumor incidenceKawamori 95
see [ACF] tablethymoquinone 5mg/kg.ip (Nigella)phyto7.58ACF numberGali-Muhta. 08
see [TUM] tableBB protease inh. 0.5% /mice !phyto7.30Tumor incidenceWeed 85
see [TUM] tablecurcumin BDMC-A 80mg/kg !phyto6.00Tumor incidenceDevasena 03
see [TUM] tableobacunone 500ppmphyto5.76Tumor incidenceTanaka M. 01
see [ACF] tablecaffeate PEMC 500ppmphyto5.59ACF numberRao Des. 93
see [TUM] tableglucarate calcium 0.1mol/kg !phyto5.00Tumor incidenceDwivedi 89
see [TUM] tablenobiletin 100ppm (citrus) //+dss !phyto5.00Tumor incidenceMiyamoto 08
see [TUM] tabletryptanthrin 50mg/kgphyto4.90Tumor incidenceKoyaMiyata 01
see [TUM] tablehesperidin 0.1%phyto4.71Tumor incidenceTanaka M. 97
see [TUM] tablebran rye 30% vs 9% SolkaFlokphyto4.36Tumor incidenceDavies 99
see [ACF] tabletea white 2% drink water //PhIP !phyto4.31ACF numberSantana 01
see [ACF] tableproanthocyanidins 1% (grape)phyto4.27ACF numberSingletary 01
see [TUM] tablequercetin 2% /micephyto4.25Tumor incidenceDeschner 91
see [Min] tabletea, white + sulindac 1.5%+80ppmphyto4.04Min mice polypsOrner 03
see [TUM] tablecolumbin 100ppmphyto4.00Tumor incidenceKohno 02
see [TUM] tableBB protease inh. conc. 0.1%phyto4.00Tumor incidenceKennedy 02
see [ACF] tablequercetin 3% =80% MTDphyto4.00ACF numberVolate 05
see [Min] tablecatechin(+) 0.1-1%phyto3.80Min mice polypsWeyant 01
see [ACF] tableEGCG 0.5mg/ml //PhIPphyto3.65ACF numberCarter 07
see [TUM] tableindole3carbinol 0.1% //IQ !!phyto3.64Tumor incidenceXu Orner 01
see [ACF] tableoltipraz 200ppm //MNUphyto3.62ACF numberBegleiter 03
see [TUM] tableacetoxychavicol 500ppmphyto3.53Tumor incidenceTanaka K. 97
see [ACF] tableresveratrol 8mg/kgBW/dphyto3.52ACF numberSengottuv. 06
see [ACF] tablegarlic+tomato paste 20+20mg/d ?phyto3.52ACF numberSengupta 04
see [TUM] tableresveratrol 8mg/kgphyto3.50Tumor incidenceSengottuvel. 06
see [ACF] tableAloe arboresc. leaf 5%phyto3.34ACF numberShimpo 01
see [TUM] tablephytate 2% in waterphyto3.33Tumor incidencePretlow 92
see [ACF] tablesanshishi 2%phyto3.30ACF numberFukutake 00
see [ACF] tablerutin 3%phyto3.24ACF numberWargovich 00
see [TUM] tablepurple corn color 5% //PhIPphyto3.17Tumor incidenceHagirawa 01
see [ACF] tableherbal SKTK mix extr. 0.5%phyto3.13ACF numberYoo BH 01
see [ACF] tableauraptene 250ppm /mice *BCAC*phyto3.10ACF numberHayashi 07
see [TUM] tablesilymarin 500ppmphyto3.09Tumor incidenceKohno 02
see [ACF] tablezapotin 10mg/kg BW/dphyto3.04ACF numberMurillo 07
see [ACF] tablebean (garbanzo) flour 10% /mice !phyto2.93ACF numberMurillo 04
see [TUM] tableprotocatechuic acid 0.1%phyto2.88Tumor incidenceTanaka K. 93
see [TUM] tablelycopene 400ppm 14%fat dietphyto2.86Tumor incidenceMartinezF. 04
see [ACF] tableobacunone 200ppmphyto2.86ACF numberTanaka 01
see [TUM] tableflaxseed 15%phyto2.83Tumor incidenceBommareddy 06
see [ACF] tablecitrus unshiu 0.5% *BCAC*phyto2.83ACF numberSuzuki 06
see [TUM] tableflaxseed vs corn meal 15%phyto2.81Tumor incidenceReddy-Aras. 05
see [Min] tablecurcumin 0.1%phyto2.80Min mice polypsMahmoud 00
see [ACF] tablesilymarin 0.1%phyto2.80ACF numberKohno 02
see [Min] tablecaffeic acid CAPE 0.15%phyto2.70Min mice polypsMahmoud 00
see [ACF] tableginseng red 1%phyto2.70ACF numberLi Wanib. 00
see [ACF] tableglycyrrhetinic acid 0.5%phyto2.70ACF numberWargovich 96
see [TUM] tablerotenone 500ppmphyto2.67Tumor incidenceYoshitani 01
see [ACF] tablecitrus unshiu CUSM 0.5%phyto2.65ACF numberSuzuki 06
see [ACF] tabletannin (red alder) 10mg/kg /micephyto2.64ACF numberGaliMuht. 01
see [TUM] tablerice germ 2.5%phyto2.63Tumor incidenceKawabata 99
see [ACF] tableauraptene 250ppm /mice db-/-phyto2.63ACF numberHayashi 07
see [ACF] tablehesperidin 0.1%phyto2.62ACF numberTanaka 97
see [TUM] tabletomato juice (lycop) //MNUphyto2.60Tumor incidenceNarisawa 98
see [TUM] tableinositol + IP6phyto2.52Tumor incidenceVucenik 03
see [TUM] tablequercetin 1%phyto2.50Tumor incidenceDihal 06
see [TUM] tablediosgenin 0.1%phyto2.50Tumor incidenceMalisetty 05
see [ACF] tablerotenone 500ppmphyto2.49ACF numberYoshitani 01
see [ACF] tableonion (dried) 5% /IQphyto2.49ACF numberTache 07
see [ACF] tableindole3carbinol 0.1% //IQphyto2.46ACF numberXu 96
see [ACF] tabletea 1.25% + milk 1.85% phyto2.45ACF numberWeisburg. 97
see [TUM] tableKurozu rice vinegar extr. 0.1% drinkphyto2.43Tumor incidenceShimoji 04
see [TUM] tablebeans (Navy) 75% vs starch+cellphyto2.43Tumor incidenceHangen 02
see [ACF] tablerutin 4%phyto2.42ACF numberWijnands 04
see [ACF] tablecitrus unshiu 0.5% /mice db-/-phyto2.41ACF numberSuzuki 06
see [ACF] tablewheat germ extr. ferment. 3g/kgphyto2.39ACF numberZalatnai 01
see [ACF] tablequercetin 2%phyto2.38ACF numberMatsuka. 97
see [ACF] tableoltipraz 200ppmphyto2.38ACF numberSivananthan 05
see [TUM] tablecurcumin 1.6%phyto2.38Tumor incidencePereira 96
see [TUM] tableallylcysteine 400ppm /micephyto2.38Tumor incidenceSumiyoshi 90
see [ACF] tableaceglatone 2%phyto2.36ACF numberYoshimi 01
see [ACF] tablepterostilbene 40ppm (blueberry)phyto2.33ACF numberSuh Paul 07
see [ACF] tablerice-germ 2.5%phyto2.33ACF numberKawabata 99
see [ACF] tablediallyl sulfide 0.2%phyto2.33ACF numberWargovich 96
see [ACF] tablecurcumin 0.2%phyto2.32ACF numberRao Simi 93
see [TUM] tableglucarate KHd- 0.14mol/kgphyto2.31Tumor incidenceYoshimi 00
see [ACF] tableindole3carbinol 100ppmphyto2.28ACF numberKim DH 03
see [ACF] tableauraptene 500ppmphyto2.28ACF numberTanaka 97
see [TUM] tablecanthaxanthin 500ppmphyto2.27Tumor incidenceTanaka K. 95
see [TUM] tableapigenin 250ppm /micephyto2.26Tumor incidenceAu Li 06
see [TUM] tableB-carotene 0.2% phyto2.25Tumor incidenceImaida 90
see [ACF] tablenobiletin 500ppmphyto2.21ACF numberKohno 01
see [ACF] tablecurcumin 0.6%phyto2.21ACF numberKwon 02
see [ACF] tableindole-3-carbinol 1.4mm * MDF *phyto2.20ACF numberPlate 06
see [ACF] tableselenium broccoli 1ppm //DMABP !phyto2.19ACF numberFinley 00
see [ACF] tables-allylcysteine 80%MTDphyto2.17ACF numberHatono 96
see [ACF] tablebeer (Munich) 100% drinkphyto2.17ACF numberNozawa 04
see [ACF] tableprotocatechuic ac. 0.1%phyto2.16ACF numberKawamori 94
see [ACF] tablelycopene 75ppm phyto2.16ACF numberWargovich 00
see [ACF] tablebeer freeze-dried 1%phyto2.15ACF numberNozawa 04
see [ACF] tables-allylcysteine 250ppmphyto2.15ACF numberWargovich 00
see [TUM] tablebeans dry 59%phyto2.10Tumor incidenceHughes 97
see [ACF] tableglucarate calcium 5% phyto2.09ACF numberWargovich 00
see [ACF] tablecress (garden) 5%/water //IQ !phyto2.09ACF numberKassie 02
see [TUM] tablephytate 1%phyto2.09Tumor incidenceUllah 90
see [ACF] tableMiso 20%phyto2.08ACF numberMasaoka 98
see [TUM] tablepaprika juice (capsant.) //MNUphyto2.08Tumor incidenceNarisawa 00
see [ACF] tableoleanolic acid 1500ppmphyto2.08ACF numberJanakiram 08
see [ACF] tablecurcumin 0.8% =40% MTDphyto2.07ACF numberVolate 05
see [ACF] tableBrussels sprouts juice 5% //IQphyto2.06ACF numberKassie 03
see [ACF] tablearctiin 200ppm //PhIPphyto2.05ACF numberHirose 00
see [TUM] tabletea green, polyphenols 0.1%phyto2.03Tumor incidenceYamane 91
see [ACF] tablelycopene 0.12 mg/d //MNUphyto2.02ACF numberNarisawa 96
see [ACF] tableapple procyanidins 0.01% waterphyto2.02ACF numberGosse 05
see [ACF] tableselenium broccoli 2ppmphyto2.01ACF numberFinley 01
see [Min] tabletea, green or white 1.5%phyto2.00Min mice polypsOrner 03
see [ACF] tableapigenin 0.1%phyto2.00ACF numberAu Li 06
see [ACF] tableB-escin 500ppmphyto2.00ACF numberPatlolla 06
see [Min] tabledibenzoylmethane DBM 1% (licorice)phyto2.00Min mice polypsShen Khor 07
see [TUM] tableB-carotene 22 ppm vs 2 phyto1.98Tumor incidenceTemple 87
see [TUM] tableauraptene 500ppmphyto1.98Tumor incidenceTanaka K. 98
see [ACF] tableBrussels sprouts juice 5% //IQphyto1.98ACF numberUhl 04
see [ACF] tablecurcumin 0.2%phyto1.97ACF numberRao Cooma 01
see [TUM] tablehesperidin 7mg/d mandarin phyto1.97Tumor incidenceTanaka K. 00
see [TUM] tablecurcumin 0.25mM/kg //+dss /micephyto1.94Tumor incidenceKim-Lee 06
see [ACF] tablegarlic, aged extract AGE 4%phyto1.94ACF numberKatsuki 06
see [Min] tablesulforaphane 600ppm phyto1.92Min mice polypsShen Khor 07
see [Min] tablecyanidin-3-glucoside 0.3%phyto1.92Min mice polypsCooke 06
see [ACF] tableresveratrol 20ppmphyto1.91ACF numberKineman 07
see [ACF] tableGinkgo biloba extract 500ppmphyto1.89ACF numberSuzuki 04
see [TUM] tablePEMC caffeate 750ppm phyto1.88Tumor incidenceRao Des. 95
see [ACF] tableCoptidis rhizoma extr 2%phyto1.88ACF numberFukutake 98
see [ACF] tablezerumbone 500ppmphyto1.87ACF numberTanaka 01
see [TUM] tableferulic acid 250ppmphyto1.86Tumor incidenceKawabata 00
see [TUM] tableanethole trithione 200ppmphyto1.86Tumor incidenceReddy Rao 93
see [TUM] tablewheat germ extr.ferment. 3g/kgphyto1.85Tumor incidenceZalatnai 01
see [ACF] tableB-carotene 90ppmphyto1.85ACF numberShivapu. 95
see [ACF] tablelupulone 50ppmphyto1.83ACF numberLamy 07
see [ACF] tablechrysin 100ppmphyto1.83ACF numberMiyamoto 06
see [ACF] tabletryptanthrin 50mg/Kgphyto1.82ACF numberKoyaMiyata 01
see [Min] tablecarnosol 0.1%phyto1.82Min mice polypsMoran 05
see [Min] tablesulforaphane 6mcmol/dphyto1.82Min mice polypsMyzak 06
see [Min] tableepigallocatechin gallate(-) .32%waterphyto1.81Min mice polypsJu-Bose 04
see [ACF] tableauraptene 500ppmphyto1.80ACF numberTanaka 98
see [ACF] tablecapsanthin 0.2mg/dphyto1.78ACF numberNarisawa 00
see [Min] tablechafuroside (from ool. tea) 10ppmphyto1.77Min mice polypsNiho Mutoh 06
see [TUM] tablemangiferin 200ppmphyto1.77Tumor incidenceYoshimi 01
see [ACF] tablechlorogenic acid 250ppm * BCACphyto1.76ACF numberMorioka 04
see [ACF] tablechlorogenic acid 250ppmphyto1.76ACF numberMorioka 04
see [ACF] tableindole-3-carbinol 1.4mmol/kgphyto1.76ACF numberPlate 06
see [ACF] tableonion (dried) 5%phyto1.74ACF numberTache 07
see [ACF] tablelemon grass extract 5g/kgphyto1.74ACF numberSuaeyun 97
see [ACF] tablegenistein 150ppmphyto1.73ACF numberThiagaraj. 98
see [TUM] tablewine extract (red) 50mg/kgphyto1.73Tumor incidenceCaderni 00
see [TUM] tablecurcumin 0.2%phyto1.72Tumor incidenceRao Rivens. 95
see [ACF] tablediosgenin 0.1%phyto1.72ACF numberRaju 04
see [ACF] tablealmond 19%phyto1.72ACF numberDavis 01
see [ACF] tablesoy isoflavones 0.1%phyto1.72ACF numberSung 08
see [ACF] tablediogesmin 0.1%phyto1.72ACF numberRaju 04
see [ACF] tablelutein 0.12mg/d //MNUphyto1.72ACF numberNarisawa 96
see [ACF] tablecurcumin 0.2%phyto1.71ACF numberRao Kaw. 99
see [Min] tableVaccinium myrtillus &vitis frz-dry 10%phyto1.71Min mice polypsPaivarinta 04
see [ACF] tablelimonin 200ppm (grapefruit)phyto1.71ACF numberVanamala 06
see [Min] tableepigallocatechin-3-gallate 0.16-0.32%phyto1.70Min mice polypsJu Hong 05
see [ACF] tablesinigrin 400ppmphyto1.69ACF numberSmith 98
see [ACF] tableacetoxychavicol acet. 100ppmphyto1.69ACF numberTanaka 97
see [ACF] tabletea green (2% as drink)phyto1.69ACF numberJia 01
see [ACF] tableglucarate calcium 5% phyto1.69ACF numberPereira 94
see [ACF] tablemangiferin 0,1%phyto1.68ACF numberYoshimi 01
see [ACF] tableindole3carbinol 0.2%phyto1.68ACF numberStoner 02
see [ACF] tablegarcinol 500ppmphyto1.67ACF numberTanaka 00
see [ACF] tablehop extr. (isomerized) 500ppmphyto1.67ACF numberNozawa 05
see [TUM] tableauraptene 500ppm //+dss /micephyto1.67Tumor incidenceKohno Suz 06
see [TUM] tableoltipraz 200ppmphyto1.66Tumor incidenceRao Rivens. 93
see [ACF] tableadlay (Coix lachryma-jobi) 10%phyto1.65ACF numberShih 04
see [ACF] tablechlorophyllin 0.1% //PhIPphyto1.65ACF numberGuo 95
see [ACF] tablequercetin 0.1%phyto1.63ACF numberGee 02
see [Min] tablecurcumin postweaning 0.002phyto1.63Min mice polypsPerkins 03
see [Min] tablebran oil (wheat )phyto1.61Min mice polypsSang Ju 06
see [ACF] tableB-ionone 0.1% (carotenoid)phyto1.61ACF numberJanakiram 08
see [Min] tableBB protease inhibitor 0.1-0.5%phyto1.60Min mice polypsKennedy 96
see [ACF] tableCentella asiatica extr. 100mg/kgphyto1.60ACF numberBunpo 04
see [ACF] tableisoliquiritigenin 15ppm /micephyto1.59ACF numberBaba 02
see [TUM] tablecurcumin 4% /micephyto1.58Tumor incidenceHuang 94
see [ACF] tableisoloquiritigenin (from licorice)phyto1.58ACF numberTakahashi 04
see [ACF] tablefolate 2mg/kg vs 0 in Se+ dietphyto1.58ACF numberDavies 03
see [ACF] tableB-carotene 200ppmphyto1.58ACF numberRaju 05
see [ACF] tableallylthiopyrazine 50mg/kgphyto1.57ACF numberKim 01
see [Min] tableMirtoselect (from bilberry) 0.3%phyto1.56Min mice polypsCooke 06
see [ACF] tableoleanolic 200ppmphyto1.55ACF numberKawamori 95
see [ACF] tablePPITC 0.4%phyto1.54ACF numberLam 91
see [ACF] tableresveratrol 200æg/kgphyto1.53ACF numberTessitore 00
see [ACF] tablethiocyanate PEITC 2æmol/dphyto1.53ACF numberChung 00
see [ACF] tabletea extract EGCG 0.12%phyto1.53ACF numberSteele B. 99
see [Min] tableellagic acid 0.16%phyto1.53Min mice polypsPaivarinta 06
see [ACF] tablegenistein 150ppmphyto1.52ACF numberSteele P. 95
see [ACF] tablegenistein 150ppmphyto1.52ACF numberPereira 94
see [ACF] tableprocyanidin B2 0.05%phyto1.52ACF numberNomoto 04
see [TUM] tableaceglatone 2%phyto1.52Tumor incidenceYoshimi 01
see [ACF] tableraspberries 2.5%phyto1.51ACF numberHarris 01
see [ACF] tablecanthaxantin 500ppmphyto1.50ACF numberTanaka 95
see [ACF] tablecurcumin 0.6% inOldRatsphyto1.50ACF numberKwon 04
see [TUM] tableisoliquiritigenin 100ppm /micephyto1.50Tumor incidenceBaba 02
see [TUM] tableflavonoid morin 500ppmphyto1.50Tumor incidenceTanaka K. 99
see [ACF] tablephytic acid 2%+ green tea phyto1.50ACF numberChalla 97
see [ACF] tablesulforaphane 2æmol/dphyto1.49ACF numberChung 00
see [ACF] tablechlorophyll 0.1% phyto1.49ACF numberGuo 95
see [ACF] tableroselle 0.1%phyto1.49ACF numberChewon. 99
see [ACF] tablelutein 500ppmphyto1.47ACF numberKim 98
see [ACF] tablelimonene 0.5% in waterphyto1.47ACF numberKawamori 96
see [ACF] tableproanthocyanidin 0.002%phyto1.47ACF numberNomoto 04
see [Min] tabletricin (from rice bran) 0.2%phyto1.46Min mice polypsCai AlFay. 05
see [TUM] tableveget. & fruits 20% //MNGphyto1.46Tumor incidenceRijnkels 97
see [TUM] tabletea black, extract 50mg/kgphyto1.46Tumor incidenceCaderni 00
see [Min] tableflaxseed mix (59%fat) 15%phyto1.45Min mice polypsOikarinen 05
see [ACF] tableGanoderma lucid. extr. 5%phyto1.45ACF numberLu 02
see [ACF] tablechafuroside (from ool.tea) 20ppmphyto1.45ACF numberNiho 06
see [ACF] tableferulic acid 500ppmphyto1.44ACF numberKawabata 00
see [ACF] tablephytic acid 1%phyto1.44ACF numberJenab 98
see [TUM] tableBB protease inh. 0.1%/micephyto1.43Tumor incidenceBillings 90
see [TUM] tablecryptoxanthin 25ppm //MNUphyto1.41Tumor incidenceNarisawa 99
see [Min] tablelignan HMR 200ppm /inulin dietphyto1.40Min mice polypsOikarinen 00
see [TUM] tableperillyl alcol 0.2%phyto1.40Tumor incidenceReddy Wa. 97
see [ACF] tablebilberry anthocyanin-rich extr. 0.4%phyto1.40ACF numberLala Malik 06
see [TUM] tableB-carotene 50ppmphyto1.39Tumor incidenceYamamot. 94
see [ACF] tablecurcuma extractphyto1.38ACF numberKirana 07
see [Min] tableresveratrol 0.2%phyto1.37Min mice polypsSale Tunst. 05
see [ACF] tablewhite ginseng 1%phyto1.37ACF numberLi Wanib. 00
see [Min] tablecherries 20% freeze-driedphyto1.36Min mice polypsKang Seera. 03
see [TUM] tablebeer (Munich) 100% drinkphyto1.36Tumor incidenceNozawa 04
see [ACF] tablecurcumin tetraHydro 0.5%phyto1.36ACF numberKim Araki 98
see [ACF] tablecumin oil 0.2g/kgphyto1.35ACF numberSalim Fuku. 03
see [TUM] tableplumbagin 200ppmphyto1.35Tumor incidenceSugie 98
see [TUM] tableraspberries 10%phyto1.34Tumor incidenceHarris 01
see [TUM] tablecurcumin 0.6%phyto1.33Tumor incidenceKawamori 99
see [Min] tableresveratrol analog. DMU-212 0.2%phyto1.32Min mice polypsSale Tunst. 05
see [ACF] tabletea green, extract 0.6% drinkphyto1.30ACF numberJu J 03
see [Min] tabletea green- extract 0.1% in waterphyto1.30Min mice polypsSuganuma 01
see [TUM] tableorange juice as drinkphyto1.28Tumor incidenceMiyagi 00
see [ACF] tableZingiber arom. extr. 4%phyto1.28ACF numberKirana 03
see [Min] tableresveratrol 90mg/kgphyto1.27Min mice polypsZiegler 04
see [Min] tablegreen tea 0.6% drink /Min+AOMphyto1.24Min mice polypsIssa Volate 07
see [ACF] tableresveratrol 0.2%phyto1.23ACF numberSteele 98
see [TUM] tableoltipraz 200ppmphyto1.23Tumor incidenceSivananthan 05
see [ACF] tableapple juice (cloudy, as drink) phyto1.23ACF numberBarth 05
see [ACF] tablevegetab.juice (lycopene) =drinkphyto1.22ACF numberArimochi 99
see [ACF] tablecarrots (falcarinol) 10% freez.drdphyto1.21ACF numberKobaek 05
see [Min] tablerutin-quercetin 2%phyto1.20Min mice polypsMahmoud 00
see [ACF] tableflaxseed 5%phyto1.20ACF numberJenab 96
see [ACF] tablephytate 2%phyto1.19ACF numberPretlow 92
see [TUM] tablebuckwheat protein 28% vs caseinphyto1.18Tumor incidenceLiu Z 01
see [TUM] tablegarlic aged extr. AGE 4%phyto1.17Tumor incidenceKatsuki 06
see [Min] tablemushroom extr. Lsy16 400mg/kgBWphyto1.16Min mice polypsMerkel 06
see [TUM] tablebenzyl thiocyanate 400ppmphyto1.15Tumor incidenceSugie 94
see [TUM] tableMMTS 80ppmphyto1.13Tumor incidenceReddy Kaw. 99
see [Min] tableflaxseed 0.5%phyto1.12Min mice polypsOikarinen 05
see [Min] tablevegetables-fruits mix. 20% in 9%fatphyto1.10Min mice polypsVanKranen 98
see [Min] tableacarbose /Apc1309 400ppmphyto1.10Min mice polypsQuesada 98
see [Min] tablecurcumin 0.2%phyto1.10Min mice polypsCollett 01
see [Min] tableflaxseed 5%phyto1.07Min mice polypsVanKranen 03
see [ACF] tablelycopene 10ppmphyto1.07ACF numberJain-Agarw. 99
see [TUM] tableveget. & fruits 20%phyto1.04Tumor incidenceAlink 93
see [Min] tableresveratrol 500ppmphyto1.03Min mice polypsSale Richard 04
see [ACF] tablepeas 10% phyto1.03ACF numberRijken 99
see [Man] tableBeta-carotenephyto1.02Human Adenoma. Incid.Malila 99
see [TUM] tableacetoxychavicol acet. 100ppmphyto1.00Tumor incidenceOrita 04
see [Man] tableBeta-carotenephyto1.00All cancers /HumanHennekens 96
see [Man] tableFruits & veg.phyto1.00Human Adenoma. rec.Schatzkin 00
see [TUM] tablethymoquinone 5mg/kg (Nigella) /mi.phyto1.00Tumor incidenceGali-Muht. 08
see [TUM] tablewine extract (red) 0.11%phyto1.00Tumor incidenceFemia 05
see [Min] tablesoy isoflavones 475ppm vs 16ppmphyto1.00Min mice polypsSorensen 98
see [TUM] tableOnopordum cyn.extr. 0.3ml/mouse !phyto1.00Tumor incidenceEl-Najjar 07
see [TUM] tabletannin red ald. 10mg/kg micephyto1.00Tumor incidenceGali-Muht. 01
see [TUM] tableisoliquiritigenin 300ppm /micephyto1.00Tumor incidenceChin Jung 07
see [Man] tableBeta-carotenephyto0.99Human Adenoma. rec.Greenberg 94
see [PromTum] tablechlorophyllin 10ppmphyto0.97Tumor incid. (prom)Xu M 01
see [Min] tablesecoisolariciresinol (lignan) 200ppmphyto0.95Min mice polypsPajari 06
see [Min] tablecaffeine 440ppmphyto0.94Min mice polypsJu Hong 05
see [Man] tableFruits & veg.phyto0.93Human CR Cancer incid.Beresford 06
see [PromTum] tableIndole-3-carbinol 500ppmphyto0.91Tumor incid. (prom)Suzui 05
see [Min] tablecherry cyanidin/anthocyan. 2-800ppmphyto0.90Min mice polypsKang 03
see [ACF] tablerye bran 30% vs 9% cellulosephyto0.88ACF numberDavies 99
see [Min] tableresveratrol 90mg/kgphyto0.88Min mice polypsZiegler 04
see [Min] tablerye bran /male 30%phyto0.84Min mice polypsVanKranen 03
see [PromACF] tabletea green- extract 1%phyto0.83ACF number (prom)Wargovich 00
see [PromTum] tablerutin 0.3%phyto0.82Tumor incid. (prom)Tao 02
see [Min] tablematairesinol (lignan) 200ppmphyto0.76Min mice polypsPajari 06
see [PromACF] tablesoy 23% vs low isoflavone soyphyto0.75ACF number (prom)Davies 99
see [PromACF] tabletea black- extract 1%phyto0.73ACF number (prom)Wargovich 00
see [PromACF] tableB-carotene 2000ppmphyto0.69ACF number (prom)Raju 05
see [PromTum] tablelow veget. & fruits 0% vs 20 //MNNGphyto0.68Tumor incid. (prom)Rijnkels 97
see [PromACF] tablebenzyl isothiocyanate 0.1%phyto0.67ACF number (prom)Wargovich 96
see [PromACF] tablecatechin +/- 0.5%phyto0.67ACF number (prom)Wargovich 96
see [Man] tableBeta-carotenephyto0.67Human Adenoma. rec.MacLennan 95
see [PromACF] tablelutein 2000ppmphyto0.63ACF number (prom)Raju 05
see [Min] tablevegetables-fruits mix. 22% in 20%fatphyto0.60Min mice polypsVanKranen 98
see [Min] tablerye bran /female 30%phyto0.60Min mice polypsVanKranen 03
see [Min] tableflaxseed 5%phyto0.53Min mice polypsVanKranen 03
see [PromTum] tablequercetin 3.36% phyto0.53Tumor incid. (prom)Pereira 96
see [PromTum] tablechlorophyllin 1.5mM drinking waterphyto0.21Tumor incid. (prom)Nelson 92

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