Chemoprevention of colon cancer: a systematic revue of preclinical studies.
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Colon & Crypt : Microscopic Anatomy

Drawings from the book by: Radivoj V. Krstic, Human Microscopic Anatomy. An atlas for students of medicine and biology. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1991.

See below drawings of the normal human colon, the normal mucosa, and normal crypts down
Some crypts can become aberrant, likely due to the mutation of a stem cell due to a carcinogen shot. Aberrant crypt can yield aberrant crypt focus (ACF) by crypt fission.

(major part of
large bowel or
large intestine)


Crypt anatomy
(low quality, 100 ko)

Colonic Mucosa

CL: crypts
of Lieberkuhn
E: epithelium
GC: goblet cells
Mu: mucus
BL: basal lamina
LP: lamina propria
TM: tunica mucosa
LMM: lamina
muscularis- mucosae

Crypt anatomy (high definition, good quality, large size 999 ko)

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Très beaux dessins noir et blanc par R.V. Krstic de l'histologie du colon, et de la structure fine de cryptes de Lieberkühn

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